Monday, March 19, 2012

Adventure forest!

Today, Mads and I went to a forest nearby to go for a walk, but not just any forest; Eventyrskoven (translates as "adventure forest")! It was a nice, but windy, sunny day, so I decided to bring my camera and take photos! Every part of the forest is different, for instance "the fairy place" or "the evil witch's home", etc. Children put up flowers made of paper in the trees, and stuff. It's really cute :)

Let's start with an outfit picture (I looked like a pilot today!):
Welcome to the adventure forest!
At the fairy place!
Of course, my darling-boy had to be in a picture with me 
Aren't they adorable? These furballs (ok, fine, they are cows) live right next to the forest, and since I love cows, we had to say hello to them! Unfortunately, Mads learned the hard way, just a few days ago, that the electric fence surrounding them is in fact really electric. 

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