Monday, February 20, 2012

Sleep talking

Mads woke me up last night saying something about "Ten geckos!", which I had no idea what he was talking about. He sounded very upset, so I tried to soothe him a bit, which I always do when he sleep talks. Oh yes, he has a tendency of sleep talking (actually, he even laughs in his sleep sometimes - once saying "eh, lol").
Like this one time he almost flew up in bed waving his arms because apparantly there were "insects" in the bed. I tried telling him that there were no insects there, but he was so convinced he was right. I told him to just shake the pillow a bit and go back to sleep. Oh and he once woke me up because he was sort of digging his arm in under me - not very comfortable, so I turned my head to look at him and before I could even ask what he was doing, he said "you move too much!" and turned around and carried on sleeping.
My favorite time he sleep talked was after our Halloween party. For some reason, he started talking about pineapples when we lay in bed:
Mads: "There were some great pineapples..."
Me: "Pineapples...?"
Mads: "That guy told me."
Me: "What guy?"
Mads: "The one to the left."
Me: "There's no one here."
Mads: "That guy!" *points to the other side of the bedroom*
Me: That's a closet.
Mads: "There are lots of cars (parked) on the street".

Such a weirdo!  I would love to know if any of you have experienced sleep talking or other sleeping disorders. Maybe you are the one sleep talking?

Moreover, I'm glad to read that some of you miss my ego pics! haha Unfortunately, I haven't been feeling 100% well, and I'm going to the doctor on Wednesday... but I hope that I will soon get back to my ego picture-taking self and share some more makeup styles and outfits with you!


Ashley said...

Awh that is so cute my boyfriend talks in his sleep as well! I find it cute and he also smiles a lot in his sleep and he laughs too!!

I can't wait to see your ego pics again I miss them so much I love your style and you inspire my make up so much!

Taylor said...

I hope that you feel better! Poor Tilde :( I miss your ego pics as too!!! You always look so fashionable I can't wait to see the new spring looks you have. I loveeeeee spring time it is so refreshing and not too hot and the clothes and makeup are always soooo cute!!

Yumi said...

Haha omg that is so funny that happens to me all the time with my sister, she sleep talks and i always end up talking to her as well until the convo makes no sense and then i know she's sleep talking, warning: never try to wake up someone sleep talking, it could end ugly