Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ska vi fika? ;)

Hi everybody :) I just got home! ... Well ok, I've been home a while now, but I had to give Rango and the other animals water, etc. Anyhow, I've been with my boyfriend's mom and sister to their summer house (in the middle of winter, yes). It was really nice! Plus, I went there with my laptop (didn't use it), and a bag with clothes and such, and came home with, not only that, but also this:

A giant chocolate cookie, strawberry tea, a can of pineapple, smarties, djungelvrål and oreo!

Mads, look what you get to come home to! But just to be clear, the giant cookie is mine! And most of the Djungelvrål too (who knows, they might even be gone by the time you get home, mwahahahh), and obviously the strawberry tea and the pineapple as well (Mads' mom bought me pineapple to eat with custard, just because Mads had told her I love pineapple - aww). Ok, you don't really have all that much to be excited about - except coming home to your wonderful girlfriend, me! :D

So on Saturday we should celebrate our 8 months anniversary (and Valentine's day [without you knowing])  that we didn't get to celebrate before you left. And we'll be celebrating by eating unhealthy stuff - yum! :)

Now I'm going to watch Death Valley - hilarious show - and eat my giant chocolate cookie. I shall enjoy.

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Ashley said...

What a sweet girlfriend! You bought him gifts for when he comes home!! Awhh that is so sweet. He should bring you pretty pink roses for when he comes home to you!