Thursday, February 16, 2012

My dream room

If I could choose myself what kind of bedroom I would want (without thinking of Mads, lol) I would totally go for something more pink! I love pink, maybe because I didn't have one of thoe pink-periods as a child, but now it's my favorite color! A dream room would probably look something like this:
But with bigger windows and a walk-in closet ;)
I honestly feel extremely comfortable in rooms with a lot of pink. They are so pretty, happy and girly (maybe a bit "childish", but naah)! It feels so me! I totally feel at home in pink rooms! Loves it! :D

As a child, I would have killed for something like this:
Ok, I honestly wouldn't, I was such a sweet child, still am, sweet, not a child.
Plus I think one of my favorite colors was yellow back then, and later... black, lol.

But if I have to think of my partner, and consider the fact that all guys don't appreciate pink everywhere... If I have to think of that and not go overboard with the girlyness, I could settle for this:
It's classy, with pink details. But I would probably have white curtains (or whatever they are) behind the bed, to make the room seem less "dark". Oh and I also hate that gray floor! What is that anyway, carpet? 
I would never.


Steph said...

Princess room! I loveeee the first one that is so gorgeous especially how it is created in the wall and the ceiling where the bed is that is so luxurious! I love the tables as well they are so cute. I agree on the closet though I don't think I like that built into the wall but the wall sconces and everything is absolutely GORGEOUS!

Tirin said...

i knowww, such a pretty room, right? i could totally live there! :D haha

Steph said...

It really is I adore the wall sconces and especially how they did the ceiling that is so beautiful it just makes things look so comfortable and plush I adore it!