Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Loose curls

This is what I did to my hair yesterday; straightened and then curled it! In my defense though, I haven't styled my hair in months! I felt like it was time :) I do love loose curls, and I think this style suits me the most!

I noticed though, that my hair is very thin by the ends... Well I guess that's what happens when you don't cut your hair for years! I'm thinking of cutting it a bit longer than to my shoulders, but I'm scared to do so, lol. I love having long hair! But yeah, I might do that in a few monts or something, if I dare. :P

Mads is on his way home (from buying sand for the reptiles), so I decided to make a short blog post! And with short, I mean I'll stop writing now. Have a good day, everybody! :)

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Ashley said...

My hair is smaller at the ends too I think that is normal for people if they don't cut their hair like straight across. The new hair that is growing creates a thicker top and the longer hairs are fewer so it starts to get smaller. It looks absolutely amazing I love your long hair so much I think that you should leave it long. I have debated cutting my hair as well but you can see where your split ends are and just use tiny trimming scissors to cut them off.

I love that you have pics up again!