Saturday, February 18, 2012


My honey bunny bumble bee (Mads) is coming home today! :D Yaay!  I have obviously missed him a lot, so I'm really excited to see him again! We're gonna have oreos and smarties, yummy! Speaking of which, I sooo wanna try this awesome cake someday:
How delicious is that?!
Need to try it, plus oreo cupcakes. Aaaaah I wanna make oreo cupcakes! It's almost 6 months since I moved in with Mads here in Denmark, is that enough reason to celebrate with oreo cupcakes? :D I sure think so! haha


Alexis said...

Oreo cupcakes would be sooooo cute! You are such a nice gf!!

Tirin said...

I would do them only for myself too, but it's always nice sharing with someone you love :) haha