Thursday, February 2, 2012

Body type ideals - less of a woman?

I do not mean to provoke people with this post. I simply want to get a discussion going, one that I have been avoiding. But now that skinny girls are bashed on, I have to argue back. So please read the whole thing before assuming my opinions on this, which would result in writing upset comments saying I'm mean, etc.

Okay, so I have read a lot of blog posts about what a woman's body "should" look like, and there are all these comments about how "big curvy women are more of a woman than skinny ones". How does a body type make you more of a woman? That makes no sense! Here is a picture I took from Kissie's blog (but I'm sure she took it from someone else's, lol). 

So, the original blog post said "no one wants to be average", which made lots of girls/women react and say they would rather be #5 than #1, because #1 doesn't have a "woman's body". Did you ever think about how some people have high metabolism, and are naturally skinny/slim? Does that make them less female? Some people don't have many curves, without eating too little! Is it fair to them to say that they don't look like women? It's like walking up to a #7 saying "you don't look like a woman either because you have too many curves"! No one would do that, so why attack the skinny people?

I might also add that excess fat on (or especially in) your body is not healthy! It doesn't matter that people all over the world are gaining weight and the average body is becoming thicker and thicker- being overweight is not healthy. "New research suggests that apple-shaped women have the highest risk of developing heart disease, while hourglass-shaped women have the lowest." Everyone knows having a large waistline can double the risk of dying prematurely, even with a normal BMI.

Have a look at this picture comparison (from this website). This is how the average body type has changed over the past 60 years. I'm not saying the girl on the right is fat, because she's not fat, but she has a lot of waist fat, aka. premature death, remember? Not healthy.

Hollywood lookWoman in underwear

Now I don't mean to sound like a skinny bitch... okay, I do. I am body type #2, in my opinion not too skinny nor too big (obviously), and I was actually once told "you're so skinny! Do you eat??", and at the time I was about 52 kg/114,4 lbs (I'm 169cm/5'6,5" tall) - perfectly normal! That was even before I, for some unknown reason, started to lose weight! Now I'm 48 kg/105,6 lbs! So do the bigger women see me as less of a woman because I'm not their size?

What makes us women is not how much we weigh or how big our breasts/hips are... it's our female reproductive system that makes us women! lol Organs, ok? Not our looks! Fat, skinny, average - we are all women! We just look different on the outside.

Some people like bigger women, others prefer slimmer ones, and it doesn't matter - each to their own! All women have different body types, but we are still all women, eaqually much!


Yumi said...

omg! you are so right! I am body type number 2, as well because i'm not too skinny and not big, some of my friends used to call me 'anorexic' or 'bulimic' and i'm far from any of those! It's like overly skinny is NOT good but neither is being overweight, be healthy, that's all i can say!

Anonymous said...

See I had anorexia, at the start Being 5' 6", I weighed 145 lbs.

3 months later I weighed 113lbs.
So yes you're too skinny get over it.

your BMI is to low.

Saying stuff like this makes girls like me fucking hate being in damn recovery, why can you weigh this weight but I can;t? I don't understand....

Tirin said...

Anon: Are you talking to me? When did I ever mention you can't look a certain way?

Being classified as anorexia, you have to be underweight, which I wouldn't say you are considering your weight. But not eating and losisng weight quickly is not good for you! I guess that's why you are in recovery. Get well!

Liz said...

Just FYI, anorexia is an eating disorder when the patient purges (does not eat enough), so you do not have to be a size 00 to be anorexic, you could be 180 lbs and be diagnosed.

Also everyone is built differently, so being a body type 2 is not bad as long as you are healthy. Same goes for nearly all of the rest, though some of them, if you are actually healthy, is impossible.

Tirin said...

FYI yourself, you can't be diagnosed with anorexia if you are overweight. You have to have a BMI under 17 to even be diagnosed. So yes, you're pretty skinny when you have anorexia. Sure you can have an eating disorder/problem even if you're big, but not anorexia.

Anonymous said...

BTW, the whole woman's body thing started because of a study that proved what a guy looks for in a female body, your HW Ratio (Hip to Waist Ratio.)

The study proved that guys look for a ratio of about .7, which would be 2-5. the reason guys like this is because it's a sign of healthy, reproductive fitness.

another reason for this is because this 'boyish' figure in the picture has no fat in her chest or hips, therefore when she is older,and naturally being older means gaining weight, the fat will more-in-likely go to her stomach, making her had a beer-belly. More in likely your a 2, just a petite one.

how i know- a girl i know was a true 1 growing up, 80 pounds in 8th grade while being 5' 2", her measurements 28, 26, 31, and now that her body stores fat, it all is in her stomach.

Anonymous said...

I am around 3/4 and I've been feeling self-concious about my legs due to trying on a pair of my older sister (body type 0) shorts and getting small stretch marks. Now I feel more confident thanks to your article :3

Anonymous said...

Interesting. When I was 16 and 5'7" I had to eat nothing but lettuce with no dressing and a handful of grapes all day to keep my weight at 116lbs despite moderate exercise. Obviously I started having health problems (arrhythmia, anemia, etc.) That's what drives me nuts about people thinking they have you figured out just by looking at how heavy or light you are.