Friday, February 24, 2012

Blizzards Banana and Midnight!

Hi everybody! I know I told you I would blog about beauty, etc. yesterday, and well... apparantly, I lied. Sorry about that! Anyhow, Mads called yesterday and told me that we were getting our new lizards that evening! Yay! And so we did :) Here are our new family members, Banana and Midnight!:

Both are of the leopard gecko morph Blizzard. Banana is the more yellow one, and she has a little kink tail (which I read is kind of common among this morph). The darker one is Midnight, I think she is a Midnight Blizzard because she is very dark, although she was darker yesterday than today. 

Banana had this weird blue "stain" on her chest area yesterday, but today it was completely gone! Plus she has bite marks on her neck, possibly from the male leo she lived with before we got her (hope she's not gravid - she's so small!). Midnight does not have any scars, but she does have some skin left from her last shedding. But overall, they are both very sweet and hand tame.

Right now they live with gravid Wendy (could be a bad idea if they cause Wendy to stress out about having room mates), but they seem to get along fine! Just look at this:

Awwww! ~

We might sell one of the two in the future, but for now they are my new babies! I do have breeding plans for at least one of them as soon as they gain some weight. :) But next breeding season will be the most exciting with all the different morphs! That will be a year to look forward to!


Anonymous said...

Hänger inte med i ödlesvängen. Är det två honor och en hane i "grottan"?

Joanna said...

Hej! tänkte bara tipsa om att jag varje dag kör en dagens blogg där du har chansen att bli länkad inför mina 400/600 unika läsare/dag och har även andra tävlingar så passa på att gå in och anmäl dej:)
Om du inte vill ha såna här komentarer så ber jag ursäkt och hoppas får en underbar dag!
PS. Länk till tävlingarna finns i vänsterspalten av bloggen och eftersom de är en ny dagens blogg varje dag så kolla så du anmäler dig i just dagens och inte en som redan är avslutad:)

Tirin said...

Nej, alla är honor :P

Anonymous said...

They look comfortable do they have anything that is deeper for them to be in they look like if they had a deeper area they could fit easier. And awhh look at Wendy she is so cute do you know how she is going to have the babies like where she should have them? (I know that some animals when they have babies will eat them which is gross but.. sometimes the babies have to be separated from the others)

Tirin said...

They have lots of hiding places, but they like that small one, haha :P and yeah we will put the eggs in a box so they can hatch in peace.. and when they do hatch, the babies will have their own homes :)

Anonymous said...

That is so adorable that they like to stay closer together it makes sense because their body heat would keep them warmer and everything. I think Wendy looks adorable gravid <3 I can't wait to see what the babies look like! I hope that you can get some pictures of them hatching that would be so cute <3