Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Loose curls

This is what I did to my hair yesterday; straightened and then curled it! In my defense though, I haven't styled my hair in months! I felt like it was time :) I do love loose curls, and I think this style suits me the most!

I noticed though, that my hair is very thin by the ends... Well I guess that's what happens when you don't cut your hair for years! I'm thinking of cutting it a bit longer than to my shoulders, but I'm scared to do so, lol. I love having long hair! But yeah, I might do that in a few monts or something, if I dare. :P

Mads is on his way home (from buying sand for the reptiles), so I decided to make a short blog post! And with short, I mean I'll stop writing now. Have a good day, everybody! :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring '12 fashion: Michael Kors, Versace, D&G

Good morning, lovelies :) This weekend I saw flowers on the ground! That means it's spring soon, and that means summer is only a few months away! = Fashion, fashion, fashion! 

Michael Kors


Dolce & Gabbana

Which one is your favorite?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Blizzards Banana and Midnight!

Hi everybody! I know I told you I would blog about beauty, etc. yesterday, and well... apparantly, I lied. Sorry about that! Anyhow, Mads called yesterday and told me that we were getting our new lizards that evening! Yay! And so we did :) Here are our new family members, Banana and Midnight!:

Both are of the leopard gecko morph Blizzard. Banana is the more yellow one, and she has a little kink tail (which I read is kind of common among this morph). The darker one is Midnight, I think she is a Midnight Blizzard because she is very dark, although she was darker yesterday than today. 

Banana had this weird blue "stain" on her chest area yesterday, but today it was completely gone! Plus she has bite marks on her neck, possibly from the male leo she lived with before we got her (hope she's not gravid - she's so small!). Midnight does not have any scars, but she does have some skin left from her last shedding. But overall, they are both very sweet and hand tame.

Right now they live with gravid Wendy (could be a bad idea if they cause Wendy to stress out about having room mates), but they seem to get along fine! Just look at this:

Awwww! ~

We might sell one of the two in the future, but for now they are my new babies! I do have breeding plans for at least one of them as soon as they gain some weight. :) But next breeding season will be the most exciting with all the different morphs! That will be a year to look forward to!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Swollen lymph node...

Have you ever dreamed about an outfit, and then you wake up and you just have to have it? It always happens to me, and it sucks, because I can't go shopping! SAD FACE.

Anyway, what's new? Well, I went to the doctor yesterday because I have a swollen and sore lymph node in the back of my head - how freaky is that!? I will have to keep an eye on it (obviously not literally) so it disappears within a week or two. Also, we are selling Athena and Akilles (leopard geckos), because we don't want to breed them since they are the most common morph. On the other hand, we are getting two other leos. And I think that's all for now!

I will blog more later, about beauty stuff.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sleep talking

Mads woke me up last night saying something about "Ten geckos!", which I had no idea what he was talking about. He sounded very upset, so I tried to soothe him a bit, which I always do when he sleep talks. Oh yes, he has a tendency of sleep talking (actually, he even laughs in his sleep sometimes - once saying "eh, lol").
Like this one time he almost flew up in bed waving his arms because apparantly there were "insects" in the bed. I tried telling him that there were no insects there, but he was so convinced he was right. I told him to just shake the pillow a bit and go back to sleep. Oh and he once woke me up because he was sort of digging his arm in under me - not very comfortable, so I turned my head to look at him and before I could even ask what he was doing, he said "you move too much!" and turned around and carried on sleeping.
My favorite time he sleep talked was after our Halloween party. For some reason, he started talking about pineapples when we lay in bed:
Mads: "There were some great pineapples..."
Me: "Pineapples...?"
Mads: "That guy told me."
Me: "What guy?"
Mads: "The one to the left."
Me: "There's no one here."
Mads: "That guy!" *points to the other side of the bedroom*
Me: That's a closet.
Mads: "There are lots of cars (parked) on the street".

Such a weirdo!  I would love to know if any of you have experienced sleep talking or other sleeping disorders. Maybe you are the one sleep talking?

Moreover, I'm glad to read that some of you miss my ego pics! haha Unfortunately, I haven't been feeling 100% well, and I'm going to the doctor on Wednesday... but I hope that I will soon get back to my ego picture-taking self and share some more makeup styles and outfits with you!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


My honey bunny bumble bee (Mads) is coming home today! :D Yaay!  I have obviously missed him a lot, so I'm really excited to see him again! We're gonna have oreos and smarties, yummy! Speaking of which, I sooo wanna try this awesome cake someday:
How delicious is that?!
Need to try it, plus oreo cupcakes. Aaaaah I wanna make oreo cupcakes! It's almost 6 months since I moved in with Mads here in Denmark, is that enough reason to celebrate with oreo cupcakes? :D I sure think so! haha

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hair dilemma

Goddamn it! I can't decide whether or not I should cut my bangs! Short bangs suit my face shape the most, but looking at old pictures, I totally love my long side bangs! Like this:
From March/April 2011

Lately I have just pulled my hair back a bit because I'm too lazy to style my bangs, and since they are either too short or too long, I don't know what to do with them! It's super annoying! Honestly I think I will just cut them... It's quicker to style and probably looks a bit better on me...

Do you have the right harcut for your body type?

When getting a new haircut, most people only consider their faceshape, and go for what's most flattering. They might want to get bangs to draw attention to their eyes, or they might get really short hair to show off their cheekbones, but many people forget that hairstyles can also flatter (or perhaps the opposite) your body type as well!

Tall, slender women
Being tall means you should get longer hair, because it looks very feminine (not saying tall women aren't feminine). Having a really short hair style when you are very tall most often looks a bit "weird", or as someone put it: "they look like pinheads". Shoulder-length or longer is perfect if you are above average height, preferably wavy hair.
View Hairstyle Information
Like this style on Michelle Pfeiffer

Very short petite women
A big no-no is getting too long hair! It will take over your whole appearance, and will leave you looking even shorter. Shoulder-lenght or a cute bob will look pretty and feminine. Going too short might make you end up looking like a child though...
Nicole Richie's bob

Heavyset women
If you are a little bit bigger, you should not go for straight hair if you want to look a bit slimmer (if you don't, then go ahead and get straight hair!). Long wavy hair will balance the curves on your body.
View Hairstyle Information
Ashanti's hair is perfect

Masculine body
If you are one of those woman who don't have a cuvy body, you probably shouldn't go for a pixie cut, or other boy-ish looking hair cuts. Long hair (longer than shoulder-length) will look amazing on you! Try getting a  haircut which gives the hair volume.
View Hairstyle Information
Missi Pyle's hair has volume!

Big bust/hips
If you don't want people's attention to go straight to your chest area, you should skip updos, and instead go for longer hair, preferably curly or wavy. If you, on the other hand, have big hips and want to create balance, short or long, straight hair is not recommended.
View Hairstyle Information
Sofia Milos' curls

Not necessarily a body type, but if you look much younger than you really are, you should go for a long hairstyle with loose curls. It looks mature and sophisticated. Avoid pixie cuts or wearing your hair in a ponytail or braid(s).
Amanda Seyfried hair is just right

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Random hilariousness

My dream room

If I could choose myself what kind of bedroom I would want (without thinking of Mads, lol) I would totally go for something more pink! I love pink, maybe because I didn't have one of thoe pink-periods as a child, but now it's my favorite color! A dream room would probably look something like this:
But with bigger windows and a walk-in closet ;)
I honestly feel extremely comfortable in rooms with a lot of pink. They are so pretty, happy and girly (maybe a bit "childish", but naah)! It feels so me! I totally feel at home in pink rooms! Loves it! :D

As a child, I would have killed for something like this:
Ok, I honestly wouldn't, I was such a sweet child, still am, sweet, not a child.
Plus I think one of my favorite colors was yellow back then, and later... black, lol.

But if I have to think of my partner, and consider the fact that all guys don't appreciate pink everywhere... If I have to think of that and not go overboard with the girlyness, I could settle for this:
It's classy, with pink details. But I would probably have white curtains (or whatever they are) behind the bed, to make the room seem less "dark". Oh and I also hate that gray floor! What is that anyway, carpet? 
I would never.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The good old days

I remember when the apartment looked like this when I first moved in. Now you care barely recognize it with all the reptile things and other random stuff. Therefore, I decided that tomorrow will be my cleaning day! Okay, it won't be as clean as in the picture (because Mads has a million things lying around that I don't know where to put), but I will try! If I could I would go out and buy something small and pink to inspire me to tidy up reeeaaal good, but nah. Although I should kind of buy myself a bouquet of pink flowers, because I didn't get any for Valentine's day... huurrmmmm... 

This one would look perfect on the table.

The hypocrite Adele

So I know I wrote about body ideals and such two weeks ago, but I just went to Singaporean blogger Xiaxue's blog and read the whole post about Adele, and how much of a hypocrite she is, and damn, I just lost all my respect for her (not that I had this major respect for her, but she does have an a unique [stupid English makes-no-sense-grammar] voice and is a good songwriter). Saying she wish to never be skinny... why are you hating on skinny people, Adele? Really, why does she have to keep telling us she loves being... well overweight? All she says about how proud she is to be "big", and how she would never want to be skinny - it just proves how insecure she is about her weight. Otherwise she wouldn't point it out all the time.

I love Adele's quotes: "I don't want to be on the cover of Playboy or Vouge".  and  "I’ve never seen magazine covers or music videos and been like ‘I need to look like that to be a success.’ I don’t want to be some skinny mini with my tits out. I really don’t want to do it and I don’t want people confusing what it is that I’m about."

... and how the next thing she does is shooting a cover for Vouge with her tits out. I also love how Adele fans commented on Xiaxue's weight and called her fat... then excuse me, but wtf is Adele if Xiaxue is fat?

Of course I have nothing against fat people*. Beauty comes from within (and gets some help from style and makeup) and I love how everyone is unique! I just have a problem with big people hating on skinny people! What gives you the right to hate on us (well I do include myself to the skinny people since I'm a bit underweight), when we don't get to even make a comment about your weight?

*I don't want to say "curvy", because skinny people can be curvy too. Keep that in mind.

Some heavyset people often say that they can't help being overweight because it's genetic, etc., yet they complain about skinny people. You know some skinny people are born that way too, right? Not everyone has slow metabolism or are born big-boned.

Also, Adele saying that looks aren't important to her, because she makes music for ears, and not for eyes... I'm just curious, if that's what she thinks, how come...
she went from this                                              to this??

She changed her style and makeup completely, from.. umm well that, to makeup like a model on the cover of a magazine. EVEN THOUGH she said "I've never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines". Today, I therefore declare Adele the definition of 'hypocrite'.

Also, I might add that I think it's great she likes being big, and that she inspires women like her, but, how dare she look down on skinner girls? It's one thing saying "I love my weight, I'm happy being a big woman", and another saying "I would rather weigh a ton and make an amazing album than look like Nicole Richie and do a shit album". Like really, what did Nicole ever do to her? And who says Adele makes amazing albums anyway? I know she won like a million Grammys, but come on, she could be at least a bit humble! Plus you can be Hollywood skinny and still have talent... Like Xiaxue said, it's not like she has to choose from the two.

So to conclude this post, I have to say that I liked how Adele was different from your typical singer, but after all the hating on skinny people... her songs just sort of lost all the feeling.

Besides, she did lose some weight these past few years, even though she said "I hate exercise, I don't have time to work out". Once again, hypocrite. Too bad. :/ Plus, I don't like exercising either, and I like unhealthy food too, but still I don't look like her. Stop judging skinny people!

Ska vi fika? ;)

Hi everybody :) I just got home! ... Well ok, I've been home a while now, but I had to give Rango and the other animals water, etc. Anyhow, I've been with my boyfriend's mom and sister to their summer house (in the middle of winter, yes). It was really nice! Plus, I went there with my laptop (didn't use it), and a bag with clothes and such, and came home with, not only that, but also this:

A giant chocolate cookie, strawberry tea, a can of pineapple, smarties, djungelvrål and oreo!

Mads, look what you get to come home to! But just to be clear, the giant cookie is mine! And most of the Djungelvrål too (who knows, they might even be gone by the time you get home, mwahahahh), and obviously the strawberry tea and the pineapple as well (Mads' mom bought me pineapple to eat with custard, just because Mads had told her I love pineapple - aww). Ok, you don't really have all that much to be excited about - except coming home to your wonderful girlfriend, me! :D

So on Saturday we should celebrate our 8 months anniversary (and Valentine's day [without you knowing])  that we didn't get to celebrate before you left. And we'll be celebrating by eating unhealthy stuff - yum! :)

Now I'm going to watch Death Valley - hilarious show - and eat my giant chocolate cookie. I shall enjoy.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's day guide

I put together a cute outfit for tomorrow's Valentine's day celebration!

❤ Red dress with matching lipstick, gold accessories (not too many), cream shoes and marching clutch bag. I chose gold nail polish, but red is just as pretty! The dress, shoes and ring are from Asos.

Now let's get to what this post is really about: what to do for Valentine's day

I know a lot of guys (my boyfriend included) hate Valentine's day, because it's such a commercial day and you sort of "have to" spend money, even though the day is not really that special. My boyfriend is lucky he's still in France tomorrow! Anniversaries are more special because that's your day. Valentine's day is... all the couples' day! But even if you do hate the 14th of February, you should still show your girlfriend some extra love :)

My mom told me she read an article that women don't want just chocolate or flowers on Valentine's day, they want more, and they want better. For me, flowers and chocolate are fine (I do love chocolate *drools*), but if you want to make Valentine's day even more special, you should probably work harder.

Eating out is never wrong on special occasions, even if you just take your girlfriend to a café, it's still appreciated. If you want to surprise her with a home cooked awesome meal, that's great too! A shopping weekend abroad would be even better! Okay, maybe you should save that for your anniversary. 

If she knows you hate Valentine's day that's even better for you! You have the chance to suck it up and surprise her with the most romantic gift ever! I promise you she will be so happy she will almost cry! ;)

So whatever you do, and however much you might hate February 14th, ffs be a (gentle)man and 
show some goddamn love !!!!

Today's wish list

 ♫ Give me. Now.

I'm in a gold period, meaning I love gold stuff (not necessarily real gold, although I wouldn't say no to that! lol). And I've always wanted a pink bag... aahhhh, how lovely to dream. I'm definitely gtting those shoes whenever I can afford them though. Imagine wearing them with a white (maxi) dress, beautiful! 

Everything is from Melba.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Getting bangs, again

"Old" picture

I love my bangs like here (well if they wouldn't cover one of my eyes, lol). These days I don't have bangs, but I'm thinking of cutting my hair a bit... and I'm talking about doing it myself, and only bangs - don't want to end up looking like Medusa or something. I think I have always cut bangs myself because the hairdresser never gets it right! Always too short or something... I don't trust anyone but myself when it comes to my hair! ><

Tonight I could watch the 8th episode of season two of The walking dead! But I don't want to stay up at 3 am to watch it, lol, so I'll just wait until tomorrow. I love zombie movies! Although I'm really scared of zombies... Mads says he wants to do a flash prank on me, dressing up as a zombie together with other people, letting me think there has been a zombie outbreak! I told him not to do it, because I would probably panic and end up killing someone. I know, I know, I'm weird like that. Go ahead and make fun of me for thinking zombies might be real one day! ;)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

How I spend my Saturday morning

Tirin tip:

Good morning :) I woke up pretty early, but I've spent the morning watching the TV series Grimm! About three people have told me to watch it, so I thought I would give it a try - and I really like it!

For those of you who don't know what Grimm is about: The series follows Nick, a police officer who finds out that he belongs to the family of Grimms, the ones who hunt down all the evil characters from fairy tales - except they are not just fairy tales. Those characters exist and are disguised as people around him, but Nick, being a Grimm, is the only one who can see their true identity.

Grimm tv show photo

If you want to watch it online, you can do so here.

Friday, February 10, 2012

8 months today

Jag älskar dig  I love you

I want...

I am in love with this dress! It's perfect for a date in spring/summer, or why not just for a fancy shopping day. So gorgeous! I would probably go for the gray one.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My sweet Sundae

Here she is, my beautiful 4 months old Sunglow leopard gecko, Sundae (oh yeah, I chose that spelling because I love ice cream, lol)! She is gorgeous! Her parents are super beautiful and very orange, I honestly had a hard time avoiding staring at them when we picked little Sundae up yesterday. I'm sure she'll be just as beautiful, if not better ;) Here are pictures, first without flash and second with:

I will take better pictures later today when the sun is up higher. 

Mads also got a snake yesterday, but I won't show you pictures of it just yet. I know most of you are waiting for makeup/hair/fashion posts, and next week I will have all the time in the world for such blog posts! Since Mads is leaving tomorrow to go on a skiing trip with his dad, I will be home alone (well besides the eleven reptiles we have, lol) for a week. Get ready for many blog posts then! :D

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This is what's up

Here is the view from our balcony, a cold winter evening. From the other side you could see the moon :)

I am extremely tired these days, so I haven't done my makeup or anything. But I'm planning on doing my nails this evening! I haven't decided on a color yet, perhaps I'll just do a French manicure. But what I am most excited about, is that I'm getting my new leopard gecko tomorrow! Yaaay ~

Soon on Beauty by Tirin: Hair care, hair colors and cuts!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


As I told you yesterday, I did dye my hair, but there's not much of a difference. And no, my hair didn't turn blue, lol. Once my natural hair color grow out, it will probably look like I want it too (and that might take years, haha). At least I have started the process :)

Moreover, highly gravid Wendy finally ate (she hasn't been wanting any food this week until now), and then she finally went into the moist box - hopefully to lay eggs! I have been worried about egg binding: which is when the lizard for some reason can't lay the eggs, so they get stuck inside her which causes death, but she seems to be OK now. The eggs will then be in an incubator for about 35-60 days, with the right temperature, before they hatch and we'll be proud owners of baby geckos!

I'm also getting another lizard on Wednesday, a female Sunglow (an all orange leopard gecko)! I haven't really decided on a name yet, but I might call her Sunday/Sundai, because of the morph name. Or maybe even Sundae, because I love ice cream! hahaha

I'm sorry for those of you who hate reptiles, lol! But they are a big part of my life (I mean... on Wednesday we will have 11 reptiles in total), and breeding leopard geckos is a big hobby of mine! :D I think it's so fascinating how you can create different morphs (colors, patterns, etc.) when breeding them! So I just have to share it with you!~ 

Therefore, please, bear with me!

There will be new makeup/beauty posts soon.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's time...

... to dye my hair!! I'm super nervous now, because my sister (who is platinum blonde too) tried to use a pearl blonde color to get rid of orange/yellow colorations in her hair - and she ended up with blue hair!

I love my platinum blonde hair, but it's time for something new... It's 2012, I turn 21 this year, and I don't want to have gone bald by that time, lol. Ok, seriously though, I want healthy and shiny hair, and this hair dye is the best option for that; no ammonia :) Mads says I should just grow out my natural hair color, but... noooo thanks.

Light pearl blonde - here I come!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hair color change!

I'm really excited - tomorrow I'm dying my hair! Ok, ok, it's not like I'm going from blonde to brunette, I'm staying blonde! But I'm getting a more pearl blonde color, probably a bit darker than my hair is now (since I, at the moment, have platinum blonde hair). I will be using Casting crème Gloss: 1021, from L'oréal. 

I'm scared my hair will turn out much darker than it is (I read you shouldn't leave it in too long or it might turn out one shade darker than it should)... I want to stay light blonde! Luckily, my natural hair color is somewhere between the two lightest "Före" (before) -colors, so it should be okay. 

Hopefully my hair will be able to recover, or else I might have to go see a hairdresser, for the first time in forever! It's like a vicious circle; I don't want to go because my hair is really damaged, which makes my hair even more damaged because I don't go, and so on...

Anyway, I will show you before and after pictures tomorrow! :) Exciting! Exciting!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Helping animals in pet stores

Last week, Mads and I went to a pet store and looked at the reptiles (you should all know by now that we love reptiles), and I got all excited when I noticed they had baby leopard geckos - until I actually saw them. There were four babies, all of them were waaay too young to be sold! Two looked pretty good though, they had OK fat tails, pretty faces, etc. but the other two... They were younger than their siblings, were skinny and you could see they were lacking calcium.

One of them had the skinnest tail I have ever seen, and its face was all crooked, suggesting osteodystrophy, and metabolic bone disease, in result of a poor diet and not enough calcium. 

Left: Extremely skinny leopard gecko baby Right: A healthy one

We, of course, told the owner of the store about this poor gecko baby, and how it probably would die within a few weeks if not cared for properly. We decided not to leave until something was done to help this reptile, and the owner finally removed the sick animal from the cage to take "extra care of it". 

One week later (yesterday), we went back to the store to check on the poor gecko, and guess what - the owner had put it back in with its siblings without doing a damn thing to help it!

This poor baby is an extreme case of MBD
(this is not the gecko in the store)

I got really upset and told Mads we should force him to give the baby leopard gecko to us, because we at least have the heart to take proper care of it to make it survive. If it develops a severe case of MBD, it will die a painful death, unable to walk and too weak to eat.

Since the owner probably wouldn't agree to give up the baby, we told one of the staff about the sick lizard, and she immediately had people help her move the two bigger siblings to another terrarium (so there won't be any competition for the food), and put in a food dish, with mealworms dusted in calcium and vitamins, plus added a big piece of calcium in the terrarium.

It felt good knowing that some people cared (although they should have done this without us telling them to). We will go back next week to check on the poor thing, and its not so healthy sibling. If they don't look any better, we should either tell them to give us the leopard gecko baby/babies until they are strong and healthy, or we should report the store, because this is animal cruelty!

How to make falsies look natural!

Sometimes, having average length eyelashes just does not cut it! We want longer, sexier and flirtatious lashes (I'm assuming), and wearing false lashes is a great and simple solution! Or is it?

There are a few things you can do to avoid looking like this:

Sorry for randomly taking your pictures, whoever you are, found them on Google!

... and instead look flawless, like in the mascara commercials (yes, they do all use false lashes).

 The first thing you do before applying any/most eye makeup is to curl your lashes, right? Well after using the eyelash curler, apply black eyeliner on the upper waterline. This will help hiding the line of both the false lashes, and the liquid eyeliner you might want to use.

 As mentioned, you can apply liquid black eyeliner as close to the upper lashline as possible, to make the false lash look, look more "natural". This will also hide the, sometimes very obvious, false lash line. You can apply the eyeliner all the way to the inner corner of your eye, or stop where your real eyelashes stop. 

 When applying glue to the falsies, don't use too much, but not too little either, because you don't want the lashes to fall off during the day/evening, do you? I usually apply a little more in the ends of the lash strip. Let the glue dry for 20-30 sec.

 Time to put the lashes on! Use a tweezer, to get the lashes as close to your real ones as possible. I usually push the falsies and my real lashes together with the tweezer. I surely will get eyelash glue on my real lashes when doing this, but that's easy to wash off later on with the right makeup removal.

 Last but not least, apply some mascara, both on your real lashes and on the falsies (but just a little bit). This will make them look less shiny and fake, and more like your own lashes with mascara on.

Depending on what design you use for your falsies, the result will be differently natural looking. 
If this was not very helpful, please let me know, and I will make a new tutorial with pictures to make it easier :)

Body type ideals - less of a woman?

I do not mean to provoke people with this post. I simply want to get a discussion going, one that I have been avoiding. But now that skinny girls are bashed on, I have to argue back. So please read the whole thing before assuming my opinions on this, which would result in writing upset comments saying I'm mean, etc.

Okay, so I have read a lot of blog posts about what a woman's body "should" look like, and there are all these comments about how "big curvy women are more of a woman than skinny ones". How does a body type make you more of a woman? That makes no sense! Here is a picture I took from Kissie's blog (but I'm sure she took it from someone else's, lol). 

So, the original blog post said "no one wants to be average", which made lots of girls/women react and say they would rather be #5 than #1, because #1 doesn't have a "woman's body". Did you ever think about how some people have high metabolism, and are naturally skinny/slim? Does that make them less female? Some people don't have many curves, without eating too little! Is it fair to them to say that they don't look like women? It's like walking up to a #7 saying "you don't look like a woman either because you have too many curves"! No one would do that, so why attack the skinny people?

I might also add that excess fat on (or especially in) your body is not healthy! It doesn't matter that people all over the world are gaining weight and the average body is becoming thicker and thicker- being overweight is not healthy. "New research suggests that apple-shaped women have the highest risk of developing heart disease, while hourglass-shaped women have the lowest." Everyone knows having a large waistline can double the risk of dying prematurely, even with a normal BMI.

Have a look at this picture comparison (from this website). This is how the average body type has changed over the past 60 years. I'm not saying the girl on the right is fat, because she's not fat, but she has a lot of waist fat, aka. premature death, remember? Not healthy.

Hollywood lookWoman in underwear

Now I don't mean to sound like a skinny bitch... okay, I do. I am body type #2, in my opinion not too skinny nor too big (obviously), and I was actually once told "you're so skinny! Do you eat??", and at the time I was about 52 kg/114,4 lbs (I'm 169cm/5'6,5" tall) - perfectly normal! That was even before I, for some unknown reason, started to lose weight! Now I'm 48 kg/105,6 lbs! So do the bigger women see me as less of a woman because I'm not their size?

What makes us women is not how much we weigh or how big our breasts/hips are... it's our female reproductive system that makes us women! lol Organs, ok? Not our looks! Fat, skinny, average - we are all women! We just look different on the outside.

Some people like bigger women, others prefer slimmer ones, and it doesn't matter - each to their own! All women have different body types, but we are still all women, eaqually much!