Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vanilla cookie Fudge cupcakes

I just finished making these delicious vanilla cookie cupcakes

I made them using three differenct recipes, creating fudge cupcakes with chocolate frosting and a heart-shaped vanilla cookie on top! I improvised a bit with the recipes, and here they are:

Recipe fudge cupcakes:

2   eggs
2,5 dl  s
100 gram  butter
1,5 teaspoon  vanil

Start with mixing together the eggs and sugar. Mix the rest of the ingredients in another bowl, and then add it to the sugar/eggs mix and blend them together well.

Pour into big cupcake forms and leave in the oven for 10-12 min on 200°C. Do not leave them in for longer than that, or they won't be creamy inside (like mine, since the forms were too small :<). 

Let cool for a few minutes.

Recipe chocolate frosting:

4 tablespoons   butter
1 teaspoon  vanilla powder
4 tablespoons  whip cream
~3,5 dl  powdered sugar
1 dl cacao

Pour the butter and whip cream into a bowl and mix together with the vanilla sugar and cacao. It's important to add the cacao before the powdered sugar to leave no clumps.

Beat the mix until you have the desired consistency.

Spread/pipe onto the cupcakes and let dry for 1-2h.

Recipe cookies:

25 gram   butter
1   egg
0,5 dl  sugar
1,5 dl  wheat flour
1,5 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons vanilla sugar
1,2 dl milk
0,5 tablespoon whip cream

Pour the whip cream into a bowl and add the egg and butter. Mix it together for a while, and then add the wheat flour, baking powder, vanilla sugar and milk.

Pour onto a baking tin with baking paper and create a rectangular shape (I think it's better to make them very thin because the batter will swell!). Place in the oven for about 20min (or until the cake looks golden brown) on 175°C.

Once ready, it's time to cut out the desired shapes of the cookies! You can either use a regular knife, or gingerbread forms (which is much easier).

Let cool for a while before they are ready to serve/decorate the cupcakes with!

Happy baking! 

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