Friday, January 20, 2012

Terrarium trauma

I have been feeling very down this week when I have been all alone at home... but today I talked to my very good friend Hannah, from the Philippines! She has this blog project where she has to blog everyday! I think that by blogging everyday, you sort of force yourself to go out and find things to write about. Tomorrow, I want to show you my "new" home (Nærum), so I think I will force myself out for a walk to take photos! Should be good for me!

Hannah and I decided that we should both save enough money to go to some nice place in the Philippines to hang out and just be on vacation :D Maybe next year, if possible!

Moreover, I'll tell you about what happened the other day. Mads and I ordered a biiiiiig terrarium for Rango (maybe 1,25m tall, weighing around 30kg), and this ~50 year old man came to deliver it. Since he came alone, I, with my 48kg of pure muscle weight (lol) had to help carry it. It didn't fit in the elevator, he said, so we had to carry it up the stairs... and guess what he did?

That a*****e went up the stairs first, making me having to do the hard work! I got all the 30kg on my cheast area, plus my head! I almost lost balance in the stairs, but managed to carry it all the way up... Once in the apartment, I told the man to put the terrarium on the floor, but instead of listening to me, he put it down on the TV table! What is he, retarded?

Then he said we had to go down to his car again to get the glass doors for the terrarium. He lifted them out of the car, handed them to me and said "You can carry them yourself, but if you don't hold them straight they might slide out of the package and break. Bye!". I just stood there, thinking he was insane. Was I supposed to carry these, not so very light, glass doors all the way up to the 2nd floor alone, opening three doors without the glass doors sliding out?

Stubborn as I am, I was up for the challenge and went to the entrance. I almost dropped them, trying to open the damn door, but I managed to enter the building. I also manage to carry the uncomfortably large doors up the stairs. I was in luck when a young woman was on her way out the second door. Didn't have to open it myself! Our door, I obviously (since Mads isn't at home), I had to open myself, and when I was going to put the doors down, I cut myself on a saw! How unlucky is that?? Now I'll probably get a scar on my finger. And my shoulder is f-ed since I woke up with a little pain and then had that horrible, traumatizing day! All thanks to that helpful and extremely professional old man (sarcasm, btw).

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