Monday, January 30, 2012

Sweden's blog elite

So... blogging is really big in Sweden, and the top bloggers actually don't have to work because they make so much money on their blogs (although most of them start their own business, etc. with their money)! I thought I would show you who they are and what I think of their blogs! Here are some of the most famous bloggers:


I have actually never read her blog, except for today when I looked through it to get an idea of what she writes about... but to be honest I find it boring. Not even the outfit pics helps!


She is famous for proviking people in her early blog days, making people hate her, but getting lots of blog traffic. These days, she's mostly famous for her huge fake boobs, nose job + fake lips. I find her blog fun to read though, because there are lots of photos, and she's not afraid of having people making fun of her.


Foki's blog is mostly about fashion (she has her own webshop based in her home country Thailand, where she lives today), "kawaii stuff", and random things she finds on the Internet, or sees over in Asia. I have read her blog for over a year now, mostly because of the nice photos taken by her boyfriend. I sometimes really like her outfits too.


Kenza is a model (I think?) and has great taste of fashion, and that would be the only reason I would visit her blog, which in most cases, is pretty boring.  I like seeing her outfits and stuff, but honestly, I never read the text, lol!


Never read her blog, because she isn't interesting to me, and I don't find her looks appealing either. My sister likes her though, lol!


Yumi said...

i really like kisses blog because i've read it since like last year! Have to translate everything though >.<

Momentaufnahme said...

i thought isabella strömberg is famous blogger aswell.

Tirin said...

Momentaufnahme: Well she's not in the blog elite though. These people are much more famous (and make a lot more money off their blogs).. I honestly didn't even know about Isabella up until a few months ago, lol.

Momentaufnahme said...

she and fokis are the only ones whom i heard of. in a german forum they were taling about isabella, so i guess its different how famous swedish bloggers are known outside of sweden.
actually ive no idea which bloggers are famous in germany and i dont care. im more a youtube follower and love watching tutorials.

Tirin said...

Haha maybe :) but bloggers are like "mini celebrities" here! Magazines write about them and they make a looot of money! Blondinbella is the first "elite blogger" ever in Sweden.