Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Super scary Wednesday! :(

First off, some egoness (but a pretty old picture).
 I think I look good in those bangs though!
Even back then I was following the Badgley Mischka trend
 this spring/summer of metallic belts! lol

Now, I need to tell you about something extremely scary! I was going to feed the snakes today, and then I noticed that one of the small boxes didn't have the lid on properly! I always close them and double check that they are closed! Somehow, the small snake had managed to get the lid open and had escaped!

I panicked, of course. Started looking everywhere, under the couch, behind shelves, in the bathroom, etc., but the snake was nowhere to be found! It's a small one, so it could be anywhere! After about 1,5 h, I sat down, all frustrated, thinking that the dumb (or perhaps smart) snake might even be dead if it's too cold in the apartment. Then I got a feeling to look under the carpet over where our new terrarium is! I followed this intuition, and can you believe it - the snake was there - alive and well! I freaking love my intuition! 

Moreover, I want to share with you one of my new favorite bands (thanks to my brother, Eric!); Safetysuit! I love most of their songs, and if you like pop rock, you will too!


Yumi said...

omg! you are brave! if a snake was loose in my apartment i'd faint! reptiles are only cute to me in their tanks!

Tirin said...

Haha the only thing I was scared of, was never finding the snake again! ><

Anonymous said...

åh så fin du är på bilden! jag sa ju att du passar så bra i lång lugg!! sån där lugg får jag aldrig till för den blir bara helt jäkla rak och står ut när jag plattar :( därför jag inte kan ha lugg. bra jobbat med ormen, puss mårimår

Anonymous said...

I loooove your makeup in that picture!! Do you think that you can do a tutorial of how to do it. I am also horrible at putting falsies on, do you have any tips or how to do them so they look real? Also your bangs in that picture are so amazing <3

Tirin said...

Thank you! :) Sure, I can make a new makeup tutorial, with focus on how to apply falsies!