Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nail inspiration ♥

Nails, nails, nails... Gotta do my nails! I'm making them pink this time, because Mads bought me a really pretty pink nailspolish :) I also have to write my Danish homework... We're supposed to write a short presentation about ourselves, which isn't very hard. But we also have to read about the freakin' grammar - which sometimes seems impossible! Why do you have to shorten all the worlds in weird ways?? lol!

Oh btw... At my Danish course, there's this girl I went to school with (junior high + high school)! We were never friends, but hey, such a small world! It's funny though how our teacher always compares sounds and such with Swedish, but then says "I have no idea what it is in Norwegian", LOL. 

Here are some another nail pictures:

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Anonymous said...

Even though pics are changing too fast and I can't have a proper look at the nail styles, I love them :D especially the polka dot pattern ;)