Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good news

Hey guys! I have some fun news! Well I suppose most of you don't really care about our reptiles, but I really want to share this with you... Our leopard gecko Wendy is gravid! We are expecting the eggs by next week or perhaps in two weeks! This means that within a few months we will have baby geckos (for sale).  They will be either of the morph Mack Snow, Mack Super Snow, or Wildtype. I'm a nerd, I know!

Moreover, I made a short tutorial on how to apply falsies so that they look as natural as possible! I will blog about that a bit later. Now I really need to get some lunch. Just wanted to share that with you :D


Anonymous said...

Pregnant you mean?

Tirin said...

Yup, but you say gravid when talking about reptiles :P

Anonymous said...

I cant wait for the tutorial on fake eyelashes I can NEVER get them close enough to my lash line, and sometimes the glue sticks to my fingers or to the tool used to apply it which is sooooooo annoying!