Monday, January 23, 2012

Best house views

So I was daydreaming a bit, and started thinking about different kinds of views, and what would be the most beautiful view of all! So I googled a few pictures, and here you have it! The best house views ever!

I think snow is beautiful, and mountains are too! So having this view to wake up to every morning would be amazing! On the other hand, it must be damn cold there, so I don't think I could live there for long, lol.

This house has the most beautiful forest view! I bet it's really nice and peaceful there. The reason this is only number four, is all the insects that must live in that forest too! Ewwww....

Beautiful beach view, probably most people's favorite. Sure, it's pretty romantic staring at the ocean at night, but wouldn't it get a bit... boring in the long run? Plus it must stink of fish and salt water!

This view is pretty much perfect, reminds me a bit of northern Sweden! Mountains, lake (or whatever that is)... Probably even midnight sun during summer :) Loooovely... but too isolated. :/

This one is number one because I am a sucker for (big) city views! Especially during the night, when you can see all the neon lights and stuff! Aaah... how amazing  Doesn't really matter which city it is, as long as there are lights! Lots of lights!

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