Monday, January 2, 2012

About New Year's Eve...

Happy new year, everybody! It's 2012 already! Hope everyone had a great time on New Year's Eve - I did! :) We went to Anders' and Christina's place for dinner and... party! It was so much fun, I'll just show you with pictures. - And this post is picture heavy!

Honey bunny (with his party face on) and me, after the dinner 
(hope Christina will send dinner pictures to me)

People started playing Wii sports, and they weren't too good at it!
(Anders, Christina, Steffen, Mads)

This is where we had our dinner. We got secret tasks to do during the dinner (people then had to guess them), and if you failed you had to take shots, lol. 

Not sure what's up with Mads' face (nor mine, lol), but honey, wtf is in your mouth???

Anyhow, a whip cream fight started in the kitchen and continued out in the diningroom area! I would kill someone if I got any in my hair, so I took pictures of the poor people involved, from a pretty safe distance. But I've gotta say I love this picture, HAHA!

This is what the kitched looked like afterwards. Whip cream all over the floor AND walls! I'm sure they had a lovely time cleaning it up the next day. :)

Almost midnight! Time for some fireworks! :D

And a new year's kiss for my baby ♥ 
Although he was mean enough to ruin the photo by looking weirdly into the camera, 
like I did in a photo where he kissed me, when we went clubbing in Sweden.
I suppose the picture was ruined anyway by the fingers in the corner ;)

Cheers! Not sure who the guy on the right is, but he showed up with two not so social girls.

I think that's all the photos for now! Mads and I spent the night there, since we didn't want to take the train home early in the morning. The place was such a mess after the party, LOL. We helped cleaning up a bit, but finding drinks with frozen chicken nuggets in them (that were used instead of ice cubes)... Yeah, need I say more? x)


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