Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good news

Hey guys! I have some fun news! Well I suppose most of you don't really care about our reptiles, but I really want to share this with you... Our leopard gecko Wendy is gravid! We are expecting the eggs by next week or perhaps in two weeks! This means that within a few months we will have baby geckos (for sale).  They will be either of the morph Mack Snow, Mack Super Snow, or Wildtype. I'm a nerd, I know!

Moreover, I made a short tutorial on how to apply falsies so that they look as natural as possible! I will blog about that a bit later. Now I really need to get some lunch. Just wanted to share that with you :D

Monday, January 30, 2012

Sweden's blog elite

So... blogging is really big in Sweden, and the top bloggers actually don't have to work because they make so much money on their blogs (although most of them start their own business, etc. with their money)! I thought I would show you who they are and what I think of their blogs! Here are some of the most famous bloggers:


I have actually never read her blog, except for today when I looked through it to get an idea of what she writes about... but to be honest I find it boring. Not even the outfit pics helps!



She is famous for proviking people in her early blog days, making people hate her, but getting lots of blog traffic. These days, she's mostly famous for her huge fake boobs, nose job + fake lips. I find her blog fun to read though, because there are lots of photos, and she's not afraid of having people making fun of her.


Foki's blog is mostly about fashion (she has her own webshop based in her home country Thailand, where she lives today), "kawaii stuff", and random things she finds on the Internet, or sees over in Asia. I have read her blog for over a year now, mostly because of the nice photos taken by her boyfriend. I sometimes really like her outfits too.



Kenza is a model (I think?) and has great taste of fashion, and that would be the only reason I would visit her blog, which in most cases, is pretty boring.  I like seeing her outfits and stuff, but honestly, I never read the text, lol!


Never read her blog, because she isn't interesting to me, and I don't find her looks appealing either. My sister likes her though, lol!

Fashion gives me butterflies



Friday, January 27, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Super scary Wednesday! :(

First off, some egoness (but a pretty old picture).
 I think I look good in those bangs though!
Even back then I was following the Badgley Mischka trend
 this spring/summer of metallic belts! lol

Now, I need to tell you about something extremely scary! I was going to feed the snakes today, and then I noticed that one of the small boxes didn't have the lid on properly! I always close them and double check that they are closed! Somehow, the small snake had managed to get the lid open and had escaped!

I panicked, of course. Started looking everywhere, under the couch, behind shelves, in the bathroom, etc., but the snake was nowhere to be found! It's a small one, so it could be anywhere! After about 1,5 h, I sat down, all frustrated, thinking that the dumb (or perhaps smart) snake might even be dead if it's too cold in the apartment. Then I got a feeling to look under the carpet over where our new terrarium is! I followed this intuition, and can you believe it - the snake was there - alive and well! I freaking love my intuition! 

Moreover, I want to share with you one of my new favorite bands (thanks to my brother, Eric!); Safetysuit! I love most of their songs, and if you like pop rock, you will too!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The beauty of life

Here are some beautiful songs that I want to share with you :)
Some of them which you probably have heard before.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Best house views

So I was daydreaming a bit, and started thinking about different kinds of views, and what would be the most beautiful view of all! So I googled a few pictures, and here you have it! The best house views ever!

I think snow is beautiful, and mountains are too! So having this view to wake up to every morning would be amazing! On the other hand, it must be damn cold there, so I don't think I could live there for long, lol.

This house has the most beautiful forest view! I bet it's really nice and peaceful there. The reason this is only number four, is all the insects that must live in that forest too! Ewwww....

Beautiful beach view, probably most people's favorite. Sure, it's pretty romantic staring at the ocean at night, but wouldn't it get a bit... boring in the long run? Plus it must stink of fish and salt water!

This view is pretty much perfect, reminds me a bit of northern Sweden! Mountains, lake (or whatever that is)... Probably even midnight sun during summer :) Loooovely... but too isolated. :/

This one is number one because I am a sucker for (big) city views! Especially during the night, when you can see all the neon lights and stuff! Aaah... how amazing  Doesn't really matter which city it is, as long as there are lights! Lots of lights!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

True love?

So I found these series of pictures of a couple on tumblr. At first everything was normal in the photos, and then came photos of the two in a hospital, the girl without hair in a hospital bed, and the boy was still with her taking photos. The note of the photo series was that "this boy deserves a million reblogs".

Why would he deserve a million reblogs for staying with his girlfriend after she got cancer?! That makes no sense! Why wouldn't you stay with someone you love if they are diagnosed with a horrible disease? Because it's so hard and traumatizing to see the one you love being weak, without hair, in a hospital? Come on, people! That boy doesn't deserve a million reblogs for not leaving his girlfriend, he just did what you are supposed to do in that situation - stay!

Why would we even for a second think "aww he's so sweet for doing this"? WTF? I mean of course it's sweet that their love is strong, but if you don't stay with your partner when things get bad, it's not love. This is what love is all about; being there for each other, no matter what! I wouldn't even consider leaving, if someone I cared about went through something like that, it wouldn't be an option!

What kind of shallow relationships exist these days when we think of abandoning a love, for this very reason, as normal?

I'm sure that if it was the other way around, and the boy was the one without hair in a hospital bed, this couple wouldn't have gotten the same amount of attention.. because girls are expected to be caring? I don't know if people think like this because of society, or because it's in our nature to care for the family (- as if men wouldn't have that ability too??), but I think people's reaction to this issue is pretty... depressing.

It's kinda sad to think about, don't you think? I don't know what kind of world we live in, when leaving someone because they get cancer is more common than to be there and fight the cancer together with that person. This goes for all diseases, and other tragic events!

Why would we expect to be left, when what we should expect is all the more love and support?

That's something to think about. Have the majority of people forgotten what true love is? 

Original photos can be found here.

Favorites for spring/summer '12!

Betsey Johnson

Badgley Mischka

Nina Ricci


Only a few months until spring reaches Europe and snowy Scandinavia! I'm waiting patiently! If you love spring/summer fashion, don't forget Tokyo Girls Collention on March 3rd


"Pad thai", with a little soy sauce, and a glass of icy cold water.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I hate this song

Old ego pics. I'm loving the lipgloss!

Cake pops ♥

Making them sounds extremely easy, and I'm sure it is for most people... yet, it was pretty difficult for me! lol. Then again, my oreos didn't like me and decided to break... Anyhow, this is what you'll need:

1 pack of Oreo, 2 cheap chocolate bars (100g x 2), Lollipop sticks (I used Q-tips, lol. Just remove the cotton or cut it off), sprinkles in different colors.

Melt the chocolate and pierce the oreo cookies with the sticks to make oreo pops. Some of the oreo pops might break, and if that happens, feel free to eat them ;) The rest you should dip into the melted chocolate.

Sprinkle time! For better results, use a different plate for each color sprinkles. 

Tadaaah! Put them in the fridge for a few hours (?) until the chocolate has dried. 

Okay, mine are pretty ugly compared to other people's oreo pops, but they sure as hell taste good!! And you're not supposed to just look at them, now are you? ;) Better luck next time, T!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Terrarium trauma

I have been feeling very down this week when I have been all alone at home... but today I talked to my very good friend Hannah, from the Philippines! She has this blog project where she has to blog everyday! I think that by blogging everyday, you sort of force yourself to go out and find things to write about. Tomorrow, I want to show you my "new" home (Nærum), so I think I will force myself out for a walk to take photos! Should be good for me!

Hannah and I decided that we should both save enough money to go to some nice place in the Philippines to hang out and just be on vacation :D Maybe next year, if possible!

Moreover, I'll tell you about what happened the other day. Mads and I ordered a biiiiiig terrarium for Rango (maybe 1,25m tall, weighing around 30kg), and this ~50 year old man came to deliver it. Since he came alone, I, with my 48kg of pure muscle weight (lol) had to help carry it. It didn't fit in the elevator, he said, so we had to carry it up the stairs... and guess what he did?

That a*****e went up the stairs first, making me having to do the hard work! I got all the 30kg on my cheast area, plus my head! I almost lost balance in the stairs, but managed to carry it all the way up... Once in the apartment, I told the man to put the terrarium on the floor, but instead of listening to me, he put it down on the TV table! What is he, retarded?

Then he said we had to go down to his car again to get the glass doors for the terrarium. He lifted them out of the car, handed them to me and said "You can carry them yourself, but if you don't hold them straight they might slide out of the package and break. Bye!". I just stood there, thinking he was insane. Was I supposed to carry these, not so very light, glass doors all the way up to the 2nd floor alone, opening three doors without the glass doors sliding out?

Stubborn as I am, I was up for the challenge and went to the entrance. I almost dropped them, trying to open the damn door, but I managed to enter the building. I also manage to carry the uncomfortably large doors up the stairs. I was in luck when a young woman was on her way out the second door. Didn't have to open it myself! Our door, I obviously (since Mads isn't at home), I had to open myself, and when I was going to put the doors down, I cut myself on a saw! How unlucky is that?? Now I'll probably get a scar on my finger. And my shoulder is f-ed since I woke up with a little pain and then had that horrible, traumatizing day! All thanks to that helpful and extremely professional old man (sarcasm, btw).

A lotta love for Alottalove.se

I gathered my favorite products from Alottalove.se, which is a Swedish Internet based store (for all of us in Scandinavia) with all kinds of accessories, and mineral makeup, etc. Let's get inspired ;)

Here are my favorite accessories:
Top left to right: Gorgeous gladiator bracelet, Silver colored neck ring, Big necklace.
Bottom left to right: Big shiny necklace, Love ring, Cute princess ring

Here are my favorite makeup things:
Top left to right: Bright eyeshadow palette, Foundation brush, Sparkling eye glitter
Bottom left to right: Neutral eyeshadow palette, kabuki brush, Mineral foundation

Right now, my lovely readers, you get 15% off with your order (does not apply to things already on sale)! Just write down "LOVETOLOVE" at check out. You have until January 31st to do so! ;)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A dragon

I drew a dragon just now, with my boyfriend in mind (since he loves dragons, lol)! I'm very happy with the results, but I don't have a scanner so I had to take a photo of it. I want to start painting again, landscapes, etc. just have to buy all those things first, so it might take some time before I can do that xD

Also, I drew these ladies a few days ago. Hope you can tell who they are (hint: gyarururururu..)

Monday, January 16, 2012

She wears the stars like him

Sweet thoughts

So I was reading a few baking blogs (about cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pies, and other yummy stuff!), and I already decided what to bake for Valentine's day! I won't tell you exactly what I'm making at the moment - it's a month away, plus it's a secret, but I want to make something similar to this:

Click on the picture for its original source

Now I'm going to do my makeup, inspired by pretty pretty Candice Swanepoel for Victoria's Secret. It's a light and natural look that brings out your eyes. I might make a tutorial out of it ;)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Leave in conditioner

Tirin tip

This is me right now, half removed makeup, with my hair in a plastic bag! Why? Well I left Franck Provost Expert moisture conditioner in my hair, and the plastic bag makes the hair absorb the conditioner better. 30min should do. But I really should do this more often, once every 2nd week?
Lol at my makeup!

Hair plans 2012

Honey bunny (my boyfriend Mads) left a few hours ago for school (which means I'll be home alone for 12 days!!! - SAD FACE!), so I decided to do my makeup since I was bored, lol. I've missed wearing falsies 

I love messy curls/waves! I braided my hair in a fishtail braid and slept with my hair like that, and tadaaah, look achieved! It looks better in real life though. My webcam sucks ass...

Moreover, I have the worst cold right now! and I'm planning on dying my hair a light pearl ash blonde color! Something like this, but a bit lighter. I love being platinum blonde, but it does damage your hair using bleach more than just coloring. I'll wait 2 weeks or so though... I have Casting crème Gloss: 1021 from L'oréal in mind... Did anyone try it??