Monday, December 5, 2011

True love at Christmas

A few days ago, my boyfriend surprised me with pink flowers when he got home from work! ♥ How cute is that? :) and there are even mini carnations in the bouquet! He also made me a candle light dinner! Aww... I used to dislike romance like that (I thought it was too cliché), but now I love it, lol!

To show Mads some love back, I made him a tattoo while he was lying down watching TV (drew it with a pen though, don't worry)! I really like it! What do you think? ;)

He didn't really want me to post it on the blog, but here it is anyway! "Bäbis nörd" means "baby nerd/geek", if you were wondering. I am such a loving person :) haha

I also forced Mads to ask his mom for some Christmas decorations, because the apartment isn't looking Christmas like at all! We will clean up and put up the decorations this week (I hope).

Moreover, I saw that the full face transformation won the poll on what kind of tutorial you all want! I have the perfect style in mind, and will make the tutorial either tomorrow or on Thursday.

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