Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A simple drawing...

Today I've been drawing (without an eraser, so I had to be careful not to draw the scetch wrong) a picture for Mads' and my 6 months anniversary, which is on Saturday! :) It's not really finished yet, so I censured it with a moustache.

Also, I hate drawing myself or people I know because it never really looks exactly how I want it! Frustrating :( Luckily you can pretty much only see my hair, mwahaha. This is by the way the first time I'm drawing portraits since last year! Crazy it's been so long!!

Moreover, I'm trying to get Mads to take me to Copenhagen tomorrow! My dad said we have to go see the city during Christmas time, when everything's decorated with lights and stuff! Aww romantic ;) We will see though, Mads said, what the weather is like tomorrow... x_x

The Christmas party makeup tutorial will be made on Thursday!
The eye makeup style is amazingly pretty, so don't miss it!

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