Friday, December 16, 2011

Remember Rango?

It was quite long ago I showed you guys some pictures of our Yemen chameleon Rango! Since we got Rango  we have realized two things: 1. He can be really fast! 2. He is actally a she! That's right, Rango is a girl! And a very beautiful one too! :) I took these pictures of her today:

She was actually very curious about my camera, and almost tried to climb it! Instead she reached for my fingers (which almost never happens! Chameleons aren't the most social animals) and started climbing up my hand! It's awesome she wants to play these days. Yesterday she tried to climb the glass doors of the terrarium, so I opened it and she went up my arm instead. 

Note to all the reptile people: I do not force her to come out. I know chameleons want to be left alone most of the time. If Rango doesn't want to, she obviously won't climb my hand, and if she wants to be alone she tries to seem big, which I know means "back off".

This is Rango when we first got her, and Rango today. Remember that the distance of the camera is not the same, she's not THAT much bigger today! Her head shield and her claws have grown a lot though :) Oh and I call her Mini-Buddha because of that pose she always strikes, hahaha.
See the resemblance?


Catherine said...

Rango is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! But wasnt this new blog going to be more of the makeup ..?
You know.. "A blog about makeup, fashion and healt" But this blog is just the same..

Tirin said...

Anon: Nope! It was going to be MORE about makeup and such, but still about my everyday life (I have male followers too, and they don't care much about makeup). And that's exactly what it's about :)