Sunday, December 25, 2011

My hair after quitting shampoo

As you know by now, I have started with the conditioner method a.k.a. the curly girl method, which means I have stopped using shampoo and only use conditioner instead! Read more about this method here. I already see the result when I look at before pictures. The difference is not big yet, but thinking about the fact that I have only not used shampoo twice, it's going really well! My hair is really soft now (and I mean really soft!), shiny, and you can see the curls better because the frizz is pretty much gone! 

Before                                            2nd time without shampoo

The washing conditioner I use is Garnier Fructis: Volume restruction (without silicones). It smells lovely, contains all the right ingredients, and makes the roots of my hair super soft! haha

As deep conditioner I use Frank Provost: Expert repair conditioner. I love it! It makes my hair shiny and soft, which I knew already before I stopped using shampoo. I love this conditioner! It's awesome!

I use a kitchen towel instead of a regular one to dry my hair, and I apply Wella: Shockwaves styling gel while my hair is still wet.

I'm really excited about what my hair will look like within a few weeks! I will keep you updated ;)


Yua said...

Hey Tirin,

I have been using this method aswell and I already saw a difference after the first time!
Damn you silly-cones! :p
Thanks for posting about that method, I owe you big time! <3

Tirin said...

Glad you found it useful ^^