Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Friday of the year

I tried on my New year's outfit and makeup! Although I will definitely wear falsies tomorrow, and not just mascara. :) I also think I won't use as much black eye shadow (I look a bit "scene" with too dark shades, lol). At least the red lips look great with my gold dress! Yay! 

Oh and I have to tell you... I woke up eaaarly this morning because Mads suddenly asked "how much are you getting?". I didn't reply because I thought I was imagining things (I was very tired, obviously), but then he went "hmm???", so I asked him what he was talking about. That woke him up, because apparantly he had been sleep talking and dreamed that we were grocery shopping for candy and cookies, LOL. 
              He'll be home soon, and this evening we're going to the movies to watch Sherlock Holmes 2! People say it's a great movie, and the first was good, so I hope they're right! Will be fun! :)

Moreover, I want to congratulate my wonderful friend Z, who had a beautiful baby girl a few days ago! ♡ Can't wait to meet her! Well, both of them!


Yumi said...

that's soo pretty! I love this picture of you! have a happy new year!! <3

Tirin said...

Thank you! :) Happy new year! ♡