Monday, December 12, 2011

How to shape your eyebrows

Something that can either make or break a face is your eyebrows. There's not just one correct way to shape them though, because it all depends on the shape of your face. But there is a simple guide line to follow when tweezing your eyebrows, whether your face is round, heart shaped, or oval - and your nose is the key.

1. Where your eyebrows begin depends on your nose. You should be able to hold a ruler/pen/whatever by your nose wing and create a straight line up to where your eyebrows begin. 
2. The small bow on your eyebrows depends on your iris.
3. Where your eyebrows should end depends on your outer eye corners and nose wings.

♡ Note that you should never let your eyebrow end where your outer eye corner is. This will look dumb on pretty much everybody. Your eyebrow should always be a bit longer.

As I mentioned before, your face shape should guide you to the right eyebrow shape. Here is a picture showing what kind of eyebrows look good on what face shapes:

♡ Remember to only pluck hair under your eyebrows and shape them that way. Or else you will probably end up with rather weird-looking eyebrows and unwanted hair growing over them.

If you have very dark hair and brows, it's better not to pluck them too much, creating very thin eyebrows. It will change your whole appearance! Like this picture I found on Google:

She looks like a different person, doesn't she?

I have to ad that I have not shaped my eyebrows (they are naturally shaped and thin), and therefore I can't show you how I do. But if you follow these pictures and guide lines, and of course your own taste, you will end up with a great pair of brows ;)

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