Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Here are the.. SNAKES!

Like I told you yesterday, Mads got his Hognose snakes! He was like a child on Christmas, lol. I thought I would show you some pictures, since the snakes are actually very pretty! :D If you have a snake phobia or something, you probably shouldn't read this post! lol

0.1 het Toffee Belly  (female with genes for Toffee Belly morph)
She's my favorite! She's curious and sweet :3

0.1 het Toffee Belly  (second female with genes for Toffee Belly morph)
She's darker than the other female.

1.0 Toffee Belly (male Toffee Belly morph)
Look at that face! Aren't they cute? :D

0.1 Normal (Female with the original coloration)
She's fully grown and 6 years old or so? The rest are babies!

It feels so cool when you hold them! I want to play with them all the time, but Mads tells me it will stress the animals... Aww what's the point in getting pets (well I guess they're not really like pets such as dogs, but still) when you can't play with them? :( Oh well...

So what do you think, aren't they cute for being snakes? 


Kotone said...

It's so great that you appreciate all animals, not just kittens and puppies. Very few people will call a snake cute, but I think they are! And I'm glad to see someone else does too!

Michelle Soleil said...

Visst är de söta, men jag fattar inte hur du vågar bo med ormar och ödlor och allt sånt! Jag hade trott att de skulle ta sig ur sina burar och döda mig på natten eller nåt haha

xciaox said...

I think you have the same problem as me :o animal hoarding...I seem to collect more pitbulls than I can fit in my house with the pomeranian I already have and I also have crested geckos and a fish lol

Tirin said...

Michelle: Haha well none of the animals CAN kill a person xD The lizards are friendly and don't have teeth, and the snakes venom don't do anything to humans. :P Plus they can't escape, so there's nothing to worry about! lol

xciaox: Well technically, the snakes aren't mine.. but sure, reptiles (and i guess animals in general) is a kind of addiction.. you just want more and more! :O

나니 said...

They're really cute, actually O_O"