Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Golden Girl

I soooo want a gold dress for New year's Eve, they're gorgeous! A glitter one or a seqiun one, doesn't matter! I just want one! I need one (the one on the right)! What do you think, are they pretty or what? :)
All the dresses are from ASOS.

Does anyone know any other website with not too expensive gold dresses?
Någon som vet en svensk sida som säljer såna klänningar?


xciaox said...

I don't know if 89 pounds is too much I know it is for me but your money much transfer over to a better percentage. There are some super cute dresses at this site! That I want want want.


Tirin said...

The link doesn't work for me :/

but thanks for the tip! I'll go through the dresses on that website ^^

Anonymous said...

klänning nummer 2 var fin! pris och var har du hittat den? love / tove

Tirin said...

Alla är från Asos ju :) och ja, den är min andra favorit!