Friday, December 9, 2011

A girl with many hobbies

The ones of you who have followed my blog since last year (at Augusti30), probably know that I have many hobbies, and one of them is drawing. I've been drawing for fun since I was little, and I was always the creative one in the class! Of course as I grew older, the competition was tougher! I sorta fell behind since I was such a nerd those days and only drew manga ;) But I started with portraits again last year after a long drawing break, and I'm getting better and better!

This week I've been drawing children. I don't know why xD but I like drawing them and their facial expressions! Here are some of my most recent pictures:

I know, I know, I should've worked more on the tiles, but I was lazy, OK?

LOL at the jacket, it looks better IRL, but that's the boring part so it looks stupid now. x_x
I really don't have the patience for the boring stuff.. I only like drawing the faces!

and I'm only drawing crying children because I want to practice facial expressions. :)

So... would anyone be interested in getting tips on how to draw portraits? :) If you have your own tips to share, that'd be great too! I might write about it even if no one's interested, hahaha.

Update: I added a gallery with my drawings to the Home-page! Check it out if you want~



omg this's way too amazing!i feel like u're just born to be an artist!i reaaally love these paintings!those two girls look so realistic!<3


Tirin said...

Aww thank you :D

Just a fish in the sea said...

I would love some tips on how to draw facial expressions if you please :) I mainly only use pencil to draw with so y'know :)