Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas time in Copenhagen

Good morning! :) So yesterday I managed to get Mads to agree on going to Copenhagen over the day! I wanted to look at the Christmas decorations and have this day as an early celebration of our 6 months anniversary. I was very disappointed in the decorations though, I had such high expectations! But we did find a small Merry-go-round! Of course I had to try it out ;) 

A bit too small for me? ><

Anyhow, my disappointment from the lack of Christmas decorations on the streets disappeared for a moment when I spotted Santa! He was talking to the kids, but sitting like a rapper. Go Santa!

Mads and I continued our walk through Copenhagen, which by now was all rainy and cold! I wanted it to snow a bit, but noooo, all we got was rain! Typical Denmark. ;) We walked by food stands, and one which sold CHURROS! It smelled sooooo lovely! ~ 

Kisses for my love 

We decided to eat out for dinner, but fell asleep on the couch back home while watching TV. When we woke up we were too tired and not hungry enough to eat out, so we decided to move those plans to next Wednesday. :)

Now I have a cold from walking around in the rain, and might have to adjourn the makeup tutorial. But only to tomorrow or Saturday. I might break it up in sections and start with the base today.

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Yumi said...

copenhagen is such a cool place!!! cute picss <3 (^_^)

나니 said...

Aw poor baby :C I was at the bridge near Islands Brygge around 3AM last night and the christmas lights were AMAZING.