Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Beautiful feet tip

I know here in Europe and the west, summer is a long way ahead, but that doesn't mean you should let your feet suffer! Your skin gets dry from this cold weather, and the skin on your feet is no exception. If you don't have the money, or just don't want to spend it on a nice foot bath, there's a home remedy for non-dry feet.

Fill your foot bath (just a big bowl in lack of a real foot bath) with half warm water, half warm milk. The milk is necessary because the lactic acid in milk naturally "eats" the dead skin, leaving you with nice, smooth feet again! If needed, you should of course use a foot file. And don't forget to finish off by massaging your feet with moisturizing lotion. Also, nail polish wouldn't hurt ;)

For spring 2012, the trendy colors are:
Poppy Red
Geranium Pink
Canary yellow
Grass Green
Tiffany Hyacinth, and  Ink blue
Honey brown
Sandstone Brown

1 comment:

Sana said...

Thank you for your lovlt tip!!

I always have problem with my dry and damaged feet coz I walk a lot a don't know how to treat them well ;w;

I'll try it out anyway ^ ^