Sunday, December 11, 2011

Beautiful curls: The conditioner method

So I was searching for different kinds of anti frizz serums on Google, and I came across this Swedish website called (locking = curly). It's a website about how to keep your hair beautiful and healthy, and what to avoid in order to get those perfect curls. I was a bit surprised when I read what to avoid: shampoo!

Shampoo contains alcohol (I always knew that was bad for your hair!!), minerals, sulfates, and other bad stuff that makes your hair dry and frizzy. To get healthy, soft and beautiful hair, you should avoid shampoo completely. Don't believe me? Just watch these before and after pictures:

Pictures from
Day 1                                    Day 6                                        Day 17 

Do not worry though, conditioner actually removes dirt and all the same things as shampoo does. BUT you will need to stay away from your regular conditioner, since it contains silicon which makes your hair appear nicer, but when you wash it off, your hair is still dry and damaged.

What you will need to do is to find one or two different conditioner(s) which do not contain any of these things. I know the website is in Swedish, but the ingredients to avoid are written in English. You can also find a list of approved products to use.
      Once you have found your product(s) it's time to take a shower! lol Use the conditioner as you would use a shampoo. Massage it gently, but intense to your hair roots to remove dirt, dust, exessive fat, etc. Wash your hair throroughly. Then apply conditioner to the rest of your hair. If you want, you can add a bit of honey to make your hair extra soft and smooth. Also comb your hair gently with your fingers before washing off the conditioner.

Think you're finished? Well think again! Now it's time to apply hair gel (note that the hair gel has to be free from all those bad ingredients too!) all over your hair. Start from the ends and massage it up to your hair roots.

When drying your hair with a towel, try using a kitchen towel or one of similar material, to keep your curls from splitting up and getting frizzy. You should also try the plopping method instead of your twisting your towel around you hair. Here is a series of picture to explain:

Remember not to touch your hair until it's completely dry! Also note that the conditioner method might take a week for some people before they can see a result, and up to 6 months for others.

The conditioner method works for people with big curls, small curls, wavy hair and straight hair. Of course you won't be getting any curls if you don't have it naturally, but your hair will definitely become healthier and more beautiful either way.

I am going to Sweden on the 21st, and will definitely start with this treatment for my hair once I am there. I will gladly show you the results afterwards! :)



나니 said...

O_O that looks rather odd.

Tirin said...

What looks odd? xD I think this is AWESOME! I always knew there were bad stuff in shampoo! Can't wait to try it! :D

Momentaufnahme said...

no shampoo at all :s i didnt know that shampoo was bad, but if it helps to get better hair, its worth a try. though shampoo foams which I like, gives me a feeling that I'm getting clean XD
btw nice new layout on your blog.

Tirin said...

I agree that the foam makes the hair feel clean, but i am willing to give it up for a healthier hair! xD haha
Thanks :)

jenlen said...

beautiful hair, thanks for good tips.

Anonymous said...

snacka om att håret blir fett?

Tirin said...

Anon: Nej, inte alls faktiskt! Balsam rengör lika bra som schampo, men utan att det luddrar och torkar ut! Det kanske tar ett tag för hårbotten att ställa om sig, men resultatet blir ju fantastiskt ! :D

no i am not skinny said...

very useful. thank you so much! it is very hard to not give my hair a touch after shower but its worth to try. lol

Yua said...

Omggg Tirin! Thank you so much for this hair tutorial. I always got really poofy and frizzy hair after washing it! Now I know whyyy Thank you! I'll be keeping an update for this technique! xox