Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sweden trip

Hi everybody! :D We're back now from our trip to Sweden! I have a lot of photos, especially from the day we went to a night club with my brother (who recently turned 18). I'll blog about that later though, too tired to do it now. Instead I'll write about our trip to Norberg.

Mads and I (with absolutely no makeup) in Norberg!

Norberg is a small town where my mom's side of the family have roots. We have a house there (actually 4 houses, none of which you can see in the pictures) and that's where we always celebrate Christmas. :) So we showed Mads around the town yesterday. It's cute with all the Swedish red houses, isn't it? 

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나니 said...

OoOoo the red Swedish wooden houses are so pretty! They remind me of Emil fra Lønneberg! >: D