Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random post

Wow, I have been extremely bad at blogging recently, and I apologize for that! I need more inspiration to blog! I suppose it's because I haven't gone shopping lately that I'm not inspired to dress up, do my hair and makeup, go out, and blog about it - its also too damn cold to dress up nice and go out! I will try to do better, and find other things to blog about than myself (ego as I am)... LOL. I also blame my blogging-laziness on being busy with the Sweden trip, applying for jobs, and taking care of our beautiful lizards.

Meanwhile, here's Natsoko Matsumoto


나니 said...

Danish wind fuckin' your hair up too? O_X (or are you still in Sweden?) It's drivin' me NUTS how my hair can look awesome at home.. and then as soon as I leave the house it's BAAAAAAM ruined forever. o_x damn wind

Tirin said...

No i'm in denmark! and i knowwwwww! The wind is horrible!! >< there should be some kind of invisible wind-protection for us with such hair problems :/