Monday, November 21, 2011

Neulash: Goodbye falsies!!

I'm getting very curious about this thing called NeuLash. Neulash helps your lashes to grow extra much, and therefore makes your lashes longer and thicker than they ever were before! You apply it like an eyeliner, by the hair roots of your lashes, preferably before going to bed. Within a few days you will notice a difference, and after a few weeks you will have long beautiful lashes that look like falsies! Don't believe me? Look at these pictures (found them on Google):
To the left: before... To the right: After

I would LOVE to try this product! There would be no need to use false lashes again if you use them in purpose of getting longer and thicker lashes. Perfect Christmas gift for me from those of you who hate when I wear falsies, isn't it?! *wink wink* 

Sadly enough this product is pretty expensive, 1 595 SEK for 6ml (but it those 6ml last 4-6 months). I would totally buy this if I could afford it! Which means I will definitely try it in the hopefully near future :)

Want to read more about Neulash and what it does for your lashes? Visit the website here (for Scandinavians) or here (rest of the world). 


Dudu said...

Oh I hadn`t even heard about this yet... Looks great anyway! I wish I could try this too, I`m so lazy falsies user... ^_O

Cheeky Chic said...

Hey just started following you.this product looks amazing. thanks for sharing..