Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The day after the party

Oh my... The Halloween party Saturday was AWESOME! I had so much fun! :) And it was great meeting everyone! The day after.. not so much fun. This is what happened to Mads' costume before the party had even started:

 And this is what we had to clean up the next day (although we waited one day more to clean, lol):

... plus bottles and stuff on the balcony and random stuff in the kitchen. It wasn't that bad though... and it was worth it :) "Sadly" enough, I had too much fun to even think about taking photos!! I wanted a picture of Mads and I since we were matching, and pictures of the ones who dressed up!! Aww :( Oh well, we all had fun!

We're leaving for Sweden tomorrow, yay! I'll make sure to take pictures! We'll be back on Sunday, so I'll upload all the photos then. Have a great day, people! 


Mika said...

seems like you had a good night (:
And it isn't really dirty in your rooms..Lucky you 'cuz you don't have to clean that much :'D

Kaachii said...

rawr.. i love that tiger picture!