Friday, November 25, 2011

Changing blog address!


I am currently working on a new blog; Beauty by Tirin. This is the big transformation from a everyday life blog filled with randomness, to a blog with more posts about makeup, fashion and beauty. I will still write some things about my daily life, but I will focus on makeup/fashion/health.

You will find the Home page here (or just by clicking on "Home" in the top menu). From there, just navigate to the actual blog by clicking on Blog in the top menu. 
      I am working on the design, meanwhile it is the same as here, with all the same posts (starting from 2010). So you won't miss anything! :)

Please, do not forget to follow my new blog! ♥ 
Thank you!

I will only use this blog address until the design of Beauty by Tirin is 100% finished. This blog will still be here (I have too many posts not to keep it), just not active. I've started using my new blog. Check it out for new posts!

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