Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bronze eyes tutorial

Here is a simple makeup tutorial för a smokey eye with brown shades. I am one of those people who look like a clown with only black shades, so brown is my best friend in the world of makeup. This style will look good on everybody, but mostly blue-eyed people. :) This is what you'll need:

 White eyeshadow
 Metallic bronze eyeshadow
 Dark brown eyeshadow
 Eyelash curler
 Black eyeliner
 Black liquid eyeliner
 Black mascara
 False lashes: optional

Let's start...
and don't mind my swollen eyes.. ><

Step 1: Apply the white eyeshadow under your eyebrow to "open up" your eyes. 
Then you apply the bronze colored shadow on your eyelid, as shown below. 

Step 2: Curl your lashes with a eyelash curler 4-6 times on two different places 
(for instance once as close to the inner/outer corner of your eye as possible, 
and once in the middle - this will create a nice bend instead of the 90° angle). 
Apply eyeliner on the upper and lower waterline all the way to the corner of your eye.
Make sure to rub out the eyeliner (with a small brush, etc.) - leave no sharp lines!

Step 3: Apply the liquid eyeliner, all the way to the inner corner.
Don't forget to create the small wing by the end of your eyelid!
Apply the dark brown eyeshadow and create a bow over the bronze colored one.

Step 4: Time for the lashes! Apply the falsies, and mascara on the lower lashes.
Once the eyelash glue is dry, apply mascara on your upper lashes as well.

Perfect for a party or a special day.

My camera is a meanie and doesn't show the colors as they look in real life (which is much darker).


Yumi said...

dat is really pretty and it looks easy (^_^) I've heard gold, brown, and bronze tones bring out the different shades of blue in blue eyes and gives them more depth so your absolutely right when you say it's best for people with blue eyes mostly. Because different shades cause different effects on different coloured eyes.

CHOLAKEY said...

your eyes color is really attractive!!!!!

Anonymous said...

really gorgeous eye makeup!!! lovely natural looking for fall makeup!


Anonymous said...

i usually like brown eyeshadow only on hazel eyes but it's pretty