Saturday, November 19, 2011

5 most unattractive personality traits

First, since it was so long ago since last time; some egoness:

Secondly, I thought it would be fun to write one of those "most unattractive guys"-post again, but this time... get ready... The 5 most unattractive personality traits! This is all my opinion about guys, written so you people know how to act around girls in the future! ;)

5. Wangsta-boy
Basically a guy who thinks he's a bad-ass criminal by dressing and talking a certain way. Most of the time he's extremely disrespectful to women, and probably thinks he's above them, when in reality he's faaar from the being the player he says he is. Besides, how come a guy is a "player" but a girl is a "slut"? Makes no sense whatsoever. Anyhow, even though he doesn't really believe this, he acts like women are objects.
Dating one?: Well if you can stand (or understand) his awful grammar, and being blinded by all the bling he's wearing, why not. Just make sure he grows up quickly. Also, keep in mind: he's not cool.

4. The cheap-ass
He says he's in love with you, but apparantly money is worth more to him than you are. When you're out on a date, don't expect him to pay the bill, he'll want to split it. If he for once actually buys you something without mentioning you owning him money, don't get too shocked - you'll soon be hearing the "you owe me one".

Dating one?: You don't. These guys are not worth it, believe me. Unless you want a guy who cares more about money than love, that is. And I know that all girls love being spoiled!

3. Momma's boy
This guy is constantly talking to his mom, if he's not visiting her, he's on the phone with her. Sure, family is important, and it's great when you're close with your parents, but there's a line that should not be crossed! He probably tries to find a girl similar to his mom, and if you're the one he chooses, you'll find yourself competing for his love with his own mother.

Dating one?: When a guy is old enough, there should only be one woman in his life - his girlfriend/fiancé/wife. Of course his family should be a part of his life, but not as much as you! Give him ultimatums, and if he can't do it, you'll end up forever in his mother's shadow. Fun, huh?

2. The ex-obsessed
Whatever you guys are talking about, he will always find a way to sneak in a comment about his ex, turning the whole conversation about her. If there's one thing you should never do on a date with a girl, it's to talk about your ex (unless she asks). Most guys know this, but this guy totally missed the point of being called "ex" (which in Latin means "outside" or "before").

Dating one?: Don't. He's obviously not over this girl, and there is no way you can replace her. I had an internet friend who constantly talked about his ex, even though they broke up a year ago. If our conversation started with discussing school, he'd end up talking about her and how weird she was. Careface much, lol??

1. Mr Dictator

This guy wants to decide everything. He wants everything his way and is extremely stubborn. He's not used to the word "no", and probably doesn't understand the meaning of it. He is egoistic, egocentric and is absolutely not the kind of guy who would die for you (but he'd probably expect you to die for him, since he's "the king of the world").

Dating one?: If you're not a strong woman you won't be able to handle it. You have to break him down a bit, show him that he's not the boss anymore. If he can't take it, well it's his loss. If a guy can't let you rule his world, he should at least let you be his world. 


Jean said...

i agree with you!
my mom married with a momma's boy and it's not fun at all...-__- lol
i've also had a boyfriend that had 2 of these traits! beside he was a momma's boy he was also a cheap-ass...>__> he bought me flowers only once and then was when i asked him to xD lmao and he only took me to mcdonald's once and he didn't buy anything for him...Dx i felt horrible!!! can't believe i spent 6 months of my life with him!!! Dx

Tirin said...

Oooh that sucks xD As long as they're not completely broke, they are not allowed to be a cheap-ass to their girl!! >:o

Yumi said...

This post is so true!!! I know all about the wangsta personality; for some reason I always fall for that one XD ugh. I also have a "Mr. Dictator"in my family, my uncle, he wants it his way and if you go against his way, it's hell to pay. My dad is a cheap-ass. He will never buy anything for any of his dates. His famous saying is, "if she costs a lot, she's not the right one for me." I think every guy should have a good relationship with his mother, but not to the point where he acts like: if his mom wasn't his mom he would date her- umm creepy!!!

나니 said...

HAHA that's why I don't like boys xD They all suck MWAHAHHAHA

I kid. Girls can have awful attitudes as well (trust me on this), but either way.. ^_^

YamiiFishcakes said...

Oh god D: I cant stand these types of guys. I'm generally really picky though so..

Karen Law said...

I just came across your blog Hun and I love it! This post made me laugh, but I totally agree with you! I use to settle for less when I was a lot younger and didn't know any better - but thank goodness I do know better now. I'd rather be single and alone than with a guy that has a poor personality :S