Wednesday, November 30, 2011

J-magazine scans

Even though I have toned it down, I am still very inspired by gyaru fashion. I have gone from loving the Ranzuki and Egg style, to mostly reading Jelly, Happie nuts, and Blenda. It's a more mature style, that's impossible not to like! Tomorrow I'm having a j-magazine day! I have so many magazines yet to look through!

This is what I have for this season; Jelly Nov., Jelly Dec., Happie nuts Dec., Ranzuki Nov.!
*Note: there's more to come!

Click on the pictures to get to the download site.

Time to get inspired! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bubblegum lips

Right now I'm listening to some Swedish music! I used to pretty much never listen to music in Swedish, but since I moved I do it very often! haha Tonight I'll be home alone, since Mads and his bff decided to have a gaming night. Perhaps I'll make another tutorial for you.

Moreover, I got a package from Lily Lolo, containing Mineral Foundation: Blondie, and Mineral Finishing Powder: Flawless matte. Love them! ♥ "Blondie" is the perfect foundation tone for fall/winter, compared to "Warm peach" that I normally use (which is now pretty much all used up).

I love these products because they give you a natural looking coverage, instead of that cakey heavy makeup look that a lot of liquid foundations give you. It also lasts all day long, so it barely needs any touch up during the day. I highly recommend this makeup brand! And I'll show you its wonders another time (you'll get to see my completely naked face and how this mineral foundation transforms it to "perfection"!). Oh yes!

Until then, have a good day, everybody! :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Big loose curls: how to

In this post I will show you how to get these totally gorgeous big loose curls:
*Note: Works on medium to long hair

This is what you'll need:

 4 clean socks
♥ Straightening iron
♥ Comb
♥ Hairspray
♥ Shine spray (optional)

Step 1: 
If your hair is naturally straight, you can do this when your hair is still moist after a shower, etc. I, on the other hand, have curly hair, so I need to straighten my hair before I can curl it.

What you need to do is to divide your hair into 4 sections. and curl every one of them onto a (clean, of course) sock! When your hair is curled around the sock, you simply tie a knot with the two ends. Here is a wonderful picture I drew in paint so you can see exactly what it should look like:

Step 2:
If you're one of those who have to straighten your hair before doing this, now it's time to spray your hair with water to moist it. It should not be completely wet - that would take too long to dry! So now you're walking around with moist socks in your hair - lovely! ♥ 

Step 3:
After your hair is completely dry (which would take 1~2 hours), it's time to gently remove the socks! Your hair would look something like in the picture below. Run your fingers through your hair and the biiiig curls created. Tease it a bit at the hair roots using your comb, and spray to get some volume!

Step 4:
Curl your bangs using your straightening iton, because it does look a bit weird having straight bangs and big loose curls like this. Once you're happy with the results, spray a bit with a finishing shine spray (optional), and you're good to go!

Explanation of the Home-page

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Hello everybody! :) Let me explain this whole Home/Blog-page situation... This blog is called, but the Home-page is actually located on another blog-address called! This is because the Home-page is a flash-website, put in a blogspot post of the info-site, and impossible to put on the blog's actual web-address! I notice a few people are following the Info-site, and will have to kindly ask them to follow the blog-page instead!

I'm sorry for the confusion! But the Home-page looks super cool though, right? :D

So to put things short: The webpage you should follow to follow my blog is (not

Explanation of the Home-page

Hello everybody! :) Let me explain this whole Home/Blog-page situation... This blog is called, but the Home-page is actually located on another blog-address called! This is because the Home-page is a flash-website, put in a blogspot post of the info-site, and impossible to put on the blog's actual web-address! I notice a few people are following the Info-site, and will have to kindly ask them to follow the blog-page instead!

I'm sorry for the confusion! But the Home-page looks super cool though, right? :D

So to put things short: The webpage you should follow to follow my blog is (not

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beauty by Tirin

Just a reminder to visit my new blog instead of this one! :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Her long blonde hair...

Today's hair! Going to show you tomorrow/Monday how I styled it (of course with non-edited pictures like this, haha). It's very easy and super pretty! :) Nevermind my half-smiling face!

White, gray and black

While doing my makeup today, I decided to make a tutorial. I chose this makeup style because Mads and I are going to his cousins' this evening for someone's bday (?). I'm doing it without false lashes so I don't look too "party", but with falsies this style works very well for a night out too! 

This is what you'll need:

White eyeshadow
♥ Gray eyeshadow
♥ Black eyeshadow
♥ White eyeliner (optional)
♥ Black eyeliner
♥ Black liquid eyeliner (optional)
♥ Black mascara/false lashes
♥ Eyelash curler
*Note: This makeup style looks even better with metallic colors

Step 1: 
Curl your eyelashes and apply black eyeliner on your upper waterline.
Apply eyeshadow primer, if you have one (I did not use it) for better results.

Step 2:
 Apply white eyeliner in your inner eye corner (optional). 
Apply white eyeshadow in your inner corner and under your eyebrow.
Apply the gray eyeshadow as shown in the pictures below.

Step 3:
Apply the black eyeshadow as shown in the pictures below.
Tip: Hold a piece of paper under your eye to avoid black eyeshadow particles on your cheek.
Apply black eyeliner on your lower lashline as close to the corner as you feel like,
but remember to leave your inner corner white from the eyeliner/shadow.

Step 4:
Apply mascara on your upper and lower lashes.
I'm having a bad lash-day, hopefully your lashes look better :)

Step 5:
Time for the liquid black eyeliner (optional)! 
Draw a fine line that should stop where the white eyeshadow starts.
Don't forget the small wing by the outer corner of your eye.
I do this step last because my eyeliner always mess up my lashes.
which makes it hard to apply mascara afterwards.

This look is perfect for everyday use or special events.
Just apply false lashes and you get a great party look!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Bigger lips - no needles!

Tirin tip:

The secret to lucious lips without any injection is called Proclé Volume Booster. It's a lip balm containing collagen which boosts your lips with volume in a natural way. Some people spend a lot of money on plumping lip balm and gloss, but Proclé Volume Booster is extremely cheap! And the results? Well have a look:

I do not own any of these pictures, they were found on Google.

I will definitely try this lip balm around Christmas, and then I'll show you how well it really works! I do not want "duck lips", and I'm not planning on getting any, but a bit of a volume boost never hurt anyone. :)

Don't forget to vote on what kind of Christmas party-themed tutorial you want! Vote here.

Changing blog address!


I am currently working on a new blog; Beauty by Tirin. This is the big transformation from a everyday life blog filled with randomness, to a blog with more posts about makeup, fashion and beauty. I will still write some things about my daily life, but I will focus on makeup/fashion/health.

You will find the Home page here (or just by clicking on "Home" in the top menu). From there, just navigate to the actual blog by clicking on Blog in the top menu. 
      I am working on the design, meanwhile it is the same as here, with all the same posts (starting from 2010). So you won't miss anything! :)

Please, do not forget to follow my new blog! ♥ 
Thank you!

I will only use this blog address until the design of Beauty by Tirin is 100% finished. This blog will still be here (I have too many posts not to keep it), just not active. I've started using my new blog. Check it out for new posts!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

What kind of tutorial do you want?

Hi guys! I'm currently thinking about making a new tutorial, but I'm not sure what kind! Please help me choose by voting on which one you want to read about! I'm thinking about making the theme "Christmas party", and the tutorial will be ready within the first seven days of December!

Moreover, since I recently decided to start focusing my blog on makeup and beauty (I will still blog a bit about my everyday life, and other randomness too, of course), I'm planning on changing my blog name and blog address. Does anyone have any ideas?? It's very difficult to think of something creative and original. :/

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bronze eyes tutorial

Here is a simple makeup tutorial för a smokey eye with brown shades. I am one of those people who look like a clown with only black shades, so brown is my best friend in the world of makeup. This style will look good on everybody, but mostly blue-eyed people. :) This is what you'll need:

 White eyeshadow
 Metallic bronze eyeshadow
 Dark brown eyeshadow
 Eyelash curler
 Black eyeliner
 Black liquid eyeliner
 Black mascara
 False lashes: optional

Let's start...
and don't mind my swollen eyes.. ><

Step 1: Apply the white eyeshadow under your eyebrow to "open up" your eyes. 
Then you apply the bronze colored shadow on your eyelid, as shown below. 

Step 2: Curl your lashes with a eyelash curler 4-6 times on two different places 
(for instance once as close to the inner/outer corner of your eye as possible, 
and once in the middle - this will create a nice bend instead of the 90° angle). 
Apply eyeliner on the upper and lower waterline all the way to the corner of your eye.
Make sure to rub out the eyeliner (with a small brush, etc.) - leave no sharp lines!

Step 3: Apply the liquid eyeliner, all the way to the inner corner.
Don't forget to create the small wing by the end of your eyelid!
Apply the dark brown eyeshadow and create a bow over the bronze colored one.

Step 4: Time for the lashes! Apply the falsies, and mascara on the lower lashes.
Once the eyelash glue is dry, apply mascara on your upper lashes as well.

Perfect for a party or a special day.

My camera is a meanie and doesn't show the colors as they look in real life (which is much darker).

Monday, November 21, 2011

Neulash: Goodbye falsies!!

I'm getting very curious about this thing called NeuLash. Neulash helps your lashes to grow extra much, and therefore makes your lashes longer and thicker than they ever were before! You apply it like an eyeliner, by the hair roots of your lashes, preferably before going to bed. Within a few days you will notice a difference, and after a few weeks you will have long beautiful lashes that look like falsies! Don't believe me? Look at these pictures (found them on Google):
To the left: before... To the right: After

I would LOVE to try this product! There would be no need to use false lashes again if you use them in purpose of getting longer and thicker lashes. Perfect Christmas gift for me from those of you who hate when I wear falsies, isn't it?! *wink wink* 

Sadly enough this product is pretty expensive, 1 595 SEK for 6ml (but it those 6ml last 4-6 months). I would totally buy this if I could afford it! Which means I will definitely try it in the hopefully near future :)

Want to read more about Neulash and what it does for your lashes? Visit the website here (for Scandinavians) or here (rest of the world). 

Christmas wish list: Beauty products

I want makeup! I need makeup and other beauty products! So I gathered some of the ones I want the most, to share with you. Have you tried any of them? Let me know what you think! :)
♡ - stands for what I want the most

#1 YSL Volupté sheer candy: Lipstick - Juicy grapefruit is one I want out of the colors of this combined lipstock/gloss that moisturizes your lips up to 8 hours. I love this color, it's exactly what I want! It got mixed reviews, but since I can't use all kinds of lipsticks (my lips are sensitive and get dry from some) I would love to try it!

#2 ♡ Deborah high-tech definition: Mascara - Is said to make your lashes longer and separated. I've seen pictures and it looks amazing! I need to try it!!

#3 ♡ The Body Shop Extra virgin minerals: Foundation - Covers everything! No need for concealer! You can choose between Compact foundation and Loose powder foundation (I would pick Compact foundation, for those days when you need extra coverage). Love this 

#4 Lily Lolo Baby Kabuki Brush: Foundation Brush - This small foundation brush is perfect for applying powder foundation, and it's small so it fits in your makeup bag! Awesomeness!

#5 Maybelline Color sensational: Lipstick - Choose between Color sensational: Pearls (I would choose: Pearly pink), High shine (I would choose: Fruit punch), or Lipcolor (I would choose: Pink peony). 

#6 OPI Rainbow collection: Nail polish - This nail polish looks awesome! Your nails will actually look like a beautyful glitter mix - perfect for New year?!

#7 ♡ Joico K-pak Deep-penetrating Reconstructor: Hair care - It was named the world's best for 10 years in a row. Makes your hair strong and shiny, and you only need to leave it in for 5min. Smells like banana ;)

#8 Disp heat protection: Hair care - Heat protection that's supposed to be great, and it supposedly smells wonderful. I need to start protecting my hair better from heat! 

#9 MAC Viva Glam Gaga: Lipgloss - Perfect pink lipgloss called Light blue Pink - need to try it! 

#10 ♡ Proclé Volume booster: Lipbalm - This lipbalm does not only moisturize your lips, it also makes them almost twice as big - a real volume booster! It only costs 49SEK at Style by Tara (that's about 4,5 GBP, 7,2 USD and 5,3 euro)!

#11 ♡ Neulash: Eyelash care - This product makes you eyelashes longer and thicker just within a few days! You apply it like an eyeliner by the hair roots of your lashes everyday. The results are amazing! But getting such long beatiful lashes comes with a price... (~1 600 SEK).

Saturday, November 19, 2011

5 most unattractive personality traits

First, since it was so long ago since last time; some egoness:

Secondly, I thought it would be fun to write one of those "most unattractive guys"-post again, but this time... get ready... The 5 most unattractive personality traits! This is all my opinion about guys, written so you people know how to act around girls in the future! ;)

5. Wangsta-boy
Basically a guy who thinks he's a bad-ass criminal by dressing and talking a certain way. Most of the time he's extremely disrespectful to women, and probably thinks he's above them, when in reality he's faaar from the being the player he says he is. Besides, how come a guy is a "player" but a girl is a "slut"? Makes no sense whatsoever. Anyhow, even though he doesn't really believe this, he acts like women are objects.
Dating one?: Well if you can stand (or understand) his awful grammar, and being blinded by all the bling he's wearing, why not. Just make sure he grows up quickly. Also, keep in mind: he's not cool.

4. The cheap-ass
He says he's in love with you, but apparantly money is worth more to him than you are. When you're out on a date, don't expect him to pay the bill, he'll want to split it. If he for once actually buys you something without mentioning you owning him money, don't get too shocked - you'll soon be hearing the "you owe me one".

Dating one?: You don't. These guys are not worth it, believe me. Unless you want a guy who cares more about money than love, that is. And I know that all girls love being spoiled!

3. Momma's boy
This guy is constantly talking to his mom, if he's not visiting her, he's on the phone with her. Sure, family is important, and it's great when you're close with your parents, but there's a line that should not be crossed! He probably tries to find a girl similar to his mom, and if you're the one he chooses, you'll find yourself competing for his love with his own mother.

Dating one?: When a guy is old enough, there should only be one woman in his life - his girlfriend/fiancé/wife. Of course his family should be a part of his life, but not as much as you! Give him ultimatums, and if he can't do it, you'll end up forever in his mother's shadow. Fun, huh?

2. The ex-obsessed
Whatever you guys are talking about, he will always find a way to sneak in a comment about his ex, turning the whole conversation about her. If there's one thing you should never do on a date with a girl, it's to talk about your ex (unless she asks). Most guys know this, but this guy totally missed the point of being called "ex" (which in Latin means "outside" or "before").

Dating one?: Don't. He's obviously not over this girl, and there is no way you can replace her. I had an internet friend who constantly talked about his ex, even though they broke up a year ago. If our conversation started with discussing school, he'd end up talking about her and how weird she was. Careface much, lol??

1. Mr Dictator

This guy wants to decide everything. He wants everything his way and is extremely stubborn. He's not used to the word "no", and probably doesn't understand the meaning of it. He is egoistic, egocentric and is absolutely not the kind of guy who would die for you (but he'd probably expect you to die for him, since he's "the king of the world").

Dating one?: If you're not a strong woman you won't be able to handle it. You have to break him down a bit, show him that he's not the boss anymore. If he can't take it, well it's his loss. If a guy can't let you rule his world, he should at least let you be his world. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Perfektion till nyår

Snart är det slut på året, vilket innebär nyårsfirande och var annars än New York skulle drömstaden att fira det nya året vara (förutom möjligtvis Tokyo, eller varför inte London)? I en så folktät stad krävs det såklart att man sticker ut bland alla människor genom att investera i en snygg nyårsoutfit - och detta är möjligt även för oss fattiglappar genom att delta i tävlingen på, där man kan vinna 24 000kr att shoppa för! Detta är mitt bidrag och drömoutfit till nyår:

1. Klänning från VILA, 237,97kr - Supersnygg och ärmlös med markerad midja, men bäst av allt är den läckra rosa färgen!

2. Bh från Esprit, 199kr - Varje klänning behöver en snygg bh, need I say more?

3. Högklackat från Friis & Company, 1149kr - Dessa snyggingar piffar upp vilken outfit som helst och snygga slanka ben är ett måste till nyår! 

4. Overknee från PIECES, 129,95kr - Sött med strumpkant som kikar upp över skon. Värmer dessutom skönt i nyårskylan!

5. Clutch från Friis & Company, 319kr - Grym paljettväska i guld och silver (finns även i andra färger). Ett glittrande måste till nyår! 

6. Halsband från Friis & Company, 245kr - Stort och vågat, perfekt till en ganska högt skuren klänning.

7. Armband från DYBERG/KERN, 675kr - Detta fina och lite mer nedtonade metallarmband är idealiskt ihop med stora accessoarer. Cirklarna matchar dessutom paljetterna i väskan till outfiten ;)

8. Öronmuffar från Esprit EDC, 199kr - Jättesöta öronmuffar i päls som både snyggar till dig och håller dig varm när det är dags att ta nyårsfirandet utomhus och skjuta raketer!

9. Kappa från Karen Miller, 3829kr - Vem skulle säga nej till denna tjusiga kappa från Karen Miller? - Ingen! Folk kommer att beundra denna snygging mer än himlens alla fyrverkerier!

10. Skinnhandskar från Friis & Company, 479kr - Dessa söta handskar med rosettdetalj skyddar inte bara händerna från kyla, utan är också pricken över i:et i denna outfit!