Friday, October 21, 2011

Today's hair and outfit

While waiting for Mads to get home early today so we can go out and do something, I took a few ego pics! Today I decided to leave some of my natural curls and curl the rest with a curling iron. I love the effect of that! It creates lots of volume, but keeps the hair long. :)

Pose pose.. and mirror pic!
Top: Gina Tricot
Jeggings: H&M
Belt: No idea
Bracelet: Present from when I was baptized.
Necklaces: Kicks (the one with a ring), grandma's (the one with pearls)

Okay, I will definitely need a cardigan or something in this weather, plus a jacket when we go out. This time I will bring my camera with me! lol Now I'm going to get something to eat, but first I will go watch Rango in the terrarium! hehehe :3


Anonymous said...

You look great with that curly hair (:
And I love the outfit!

Oh I got my first giveaway...maybe you wanna join?

Lila said...

You look great in this hairstyle :)

나니 said...

DUUUUDE I'm lightening my hair BIG TIME this winter! >: D We gunna be like siblings yo!

I love your hair so much.. T_T; /crey. You gorgeous, gorgeous creature youu!

Fanny said...

lovely outfit! I like your hair! ^^

Tirin said...

Thank you, girls!<3

Mika: Oh cool, I'll check it out! :)

나니: Haha yay blonde-siblings ftw! and thank youuuu! ~♥