Saturday, October 15, 2011

Today's hair and makeup

I did my makeup today in gray shades with thick dramatic lashes, and nude lipstick with light pink gloss. I also used a pink/orange blusher, and although it might be hard to tell from the picture, I highlighted my cheekbones with bronzing powder.

Educational Resource: Colleges that are online offer beauty classes for you girls who also love pretty makeup and hair.

For hairstyle, I decided to pull back my hair in two sections (and secure with hairpins), inspired by medieval princesses. :) I left it curly for a more princess-like look.

Now I'm going to do the dishes and then wait for Mads (who is working today) to get home! We're going for a walk later - and I'll bring my camera, because I want to show you where I live these days although it'll probably be too dark anyway! Have a good rest of the day! 


Lila said...

I love this make up!
What lipstic and polish nail is this?

Tirin said...

Thank you :) The lipstick is Viva la Diva: Fudge (with lipgloss from H&M called English Rose), and the nail polish is Mavala 65: Adelaide.

Banny said...

Cute make up girl!

나니 said...

I LOVE YOUR TOP LASHES! *__* pleaaase don't tell me that they're all natural T_T;

Tirin said...

Thanks girls :) and no, 나니: those are falsies xD