Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pink, at last!


Finally we have pink cushions in the livingroom! They weren't as girly as the one from H&M that I wanted, but these are pretty and look great on the couch! :) The light color suited the room better, but I really liked the other one because it's more pink, so we decided to get both, lol. And now you can see that I live in this apartment too. ;) 

Here's one more picture of the man Rango (who might as well be female, hard to tell). This is one of his darker shades of green. If anyone's curious, I would guess he's about 1 month old.

I promise to film him when eating someday (probably when he gets a bit older), because it looks so freakin' cool with the long tongue and everything! Besides, that's about the only time when he doesn't move at a snail's pace. Lazy bum.


Leander said...

Rango's SOOO Cute!!! I'm jealous! I want a chamäleon too >.< (wow, I just worte that word in german, sorry xD )
and totally agree with the pink cushions!

Banny said...

Yay pink pillows!
How can you tell if its a female or male o.o ?

Trish said...

That's such a cute picture of him Tirin! I think for sure you should keep your blog updated with pictures of him as he grows. I think it would be neat to see a video of him eating! What are you feeding him? Does he need to eat insects at all or is he vegetarian?

Tirin said...

Banny: Males have this small thingy (like a small bump) on the back of their back feet, but it's hard to tell when he's so small, and when we don't have any other chameleon to compare him to. ><

Trish: Right now he eats flies and small crickets, but we will start feeding him fruit and vegetables as well :)