Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our new pets! ♥

Yesterday we got two new family members, from a breeder who seemed to only breed them for money, since he kept them all in small plastic boxes. :( They must be super excited to live with us now, in our awesome homemade terrarium!! They're two leopard geckos! Yay! I've had leopard geckos since i was 7 years old or so. I love them, they're both beautiful and friendly :)

Hona = female. She's still nameless, but I want to call her either Ariel or Athena. She's only 4 months old and a real cutie :) She's already calm when you pick her up.

Hane = male. His name is Akilles (Achilles) and he was extremely nervous and scared when we got him! He sqeaked and hissed at us when we tried to move him to the terrarium. Today I could pick him up without problems though, so he has calmed down and seems to like his new home. :)

And here it is, the homemade terrarium! Looks pretty good, right? :D They don't have a lamp yet (doesn't matter too much because they are active during the night and don't need too much light), but I believe that all living creatures have the right to UV-light, so we'll get them a lamp as soon as possible! This is a big improvement from where they come from!

It's fun that they can actually climb (a bit) on the walls on this terrarium, even though they only have claws, unlike most geckos. Looks awesome when they did it in the beginning!

So there you have it... now we have three pets, all lizards! Almost like a mini-zoo, as people have called it, lol. We want to breed leopard geckos too, but that will have to wait until the female is older and fatter. It will take at least half a year, I think, probably 8 months or more.

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Essi said...

Aww, so cute they are! ;-;♥