Friday, October 14, 2011

Livingroom decoration

So as I mentioned before, we're looking for cushions for our livingroom couch, and of course I want them in pink, so you can tell "Tilde lives here!". xD So far the only pink stuff in the apartment is the bin in the bathroom and the small cupcake decoration in the kitchen, so there's definitely a great need for more - especially in the livingroom!

I looked up a few pink cushions on the Internet (the prices are in SEK):

1., 99:-  2. H&M, 49,50:-  3./4., 299:-
5. Debenhams, 68:-  6., 103,50:-
7., 103,50:-  8., 99:- ("Forgiveness lets you fly" - Barbie)

My vote is for the H&M cushions! Cheap and super pretty! but I'm sure Mads will think they're too girly, lol. I want that color though; a very light, almost powder pink. Will look extremely awesome on the couch, and would make me a very happy woman *hint hint*!


Nora Nora said...

I'm in love with #2 too. It's not too pink your bf has to love it too lol!!!

Lila said...

I think #2 is the best choice:)

Banny said...

I like numbers 1 and 2 :)
They seem cute together!

BeXie said...

I like #7!! But then again I just love sparkly stuff, even better if its pink! hehe :)

Tirin said...

I love #2 (7 is pretty too of course, with all that sparkle), but sadly enough my bf hated the cushion :(:(:(