Sunday, October 2, 2011

How I stay in shape

I've been asked to write more about my food habits and what I do to stay in shape - and so I will! :)

Educational Resource: Someday I might take classes online in order to learn even more about food and nutrition.

Let's start with today's brunch:
which doesn't look so yummy because I always cut my food up before I eat, lol.
Chicken in blackcurrant sauce with peas and potato wedges cooked in olive oil
This is one of my absolute favorite things to eat!

Why is this healthy? 
Well chicken is always healthy (unless it's deep fried with a coating of batter or breading - wheat flour is no good, so don't eat too much bread). I don't have to tell you why peas are healthy, and the potato wedges... Well I wouldn't say they're healthy, but they're much better than eating pasta - again, wheat flour is not your friend. Sugar and flour makes your body more likely to get inflamed, and it also makes you fat. Eating fatty foods, like high fat cream or cheese does not (I never drink low fat milk, etc.), unless you, of course, eat too much of it.

I never eat a lot of food - I actually hate the feeling of being really full. I'd rather eat more small meals than a few big ones. And to stay slim, never eat so much that you feel sick because you're so full. Stretching your stomach will only make you want to eat more and more, and how are you supposed to stay slim that way?

How do I stay in shape?
If I told you I got my body from hard work, I would be a liar, lol. I'm pretty lazy, honestly. I go for 1h walks as often as I can, I do a few sit-ups everyday, and I've started doing a thigh exercise as well (well not right now when I have a cold). I'm naturally slim and I don't really gain any weight no matter what I eat, but I want to go for walks and such, not just because I like it, but also because it's good for you bones. And your inner health is more important than what you look like on the outside. Occationally I like to run around playing soccer/basketball/badminton/whatever.

So basically, don't eat too much, don't eat a lot of flour/sugar and everyday exercises (going for walks, taking the stairs, not the elevator, etc.) will help you stay in shape. :)


Jessi said...

nomnom I looove chicken ♥ and I think it looks reaaaaally yummy :D

Trish said...

You're the best Tirin. Thanks for making this requested blog post. You look fabulous and are definitely an inspiration to be healthy :) I look forward to seeing future posts like this one.

Dudu said...

Definitely eating chicken is worth it. I`ve been on a diet for a few weeks, eating lots of protein, and lost so much weight already! I never cared how much does it matter weither you eat bread or meat or something. It does matter, I`m so glad I started eating well =))
Your food looks delicious.... yummm... ^^

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