Saturday, October 29, 2011

Getting ready for tonight!

Okay it's a bit early since the guests won't be here until around 21:00, lol. But there's a lot to do! I just did the dishes, took about 40min!! Now I'm doing my hair, and the makeup will have to wait until later, as well as nail polish. When Mads gets home we have to tidy up a bit, and move the terrariums to our bedroom! The poor things would otherwise be disturbed my drunk danes...

Here is a sneak peek of Mads' costume!

It's fun what happened when we bought it... The woman in the store asked if we were going to a Halloween party Saturday (today) and Mads replied "yes" and told her about how extremely important it is to me that we have matching outfits (because he thinks it's super weird that I care so much about it). The woman just laughed and told him "it's a woman thing, you men wouldn't understand!". EXACTLY! See, I'm not weird at all! It's a woman thing! ;)

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나니 said...

HAHA omg you're so cute that you wanna match! >; D YAY DRUNK DANES! PARTYYYY!