Monday, October 17, 2011

Deer park

Yesterday Mads took me to a park filled with deer! It was freezing cold because of the wind, but it was nice :) a bit scary walking so close to the animals since they are not exactly as tame as the ones in the deer park in Nara, Japan. Despite the cold weather, it was great going for a long walk!

This was as close to the deer as I dared to go.

My high school Japanese teacher with a baby deer in Nara, March 2010.

All the close up pictures of the deer (there are quite many of them) will come later... they're on Mads' camera, and I don't know where he keeps the cable. Therefore I can't upload them now. ><


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Trish said...

You look gorgeous Tirin! I bet it must have been a bit scary since it's hard to predict wildlife behaviour.
Did you study in Japan or live in Japan before?

Tirin said...

Trish: Thank you! :) No, I studied Japanese in Sweden at my high school, but we went on a school trip to Japan! :D