Friday, October 28, 2011

The day before the party

Hellooooo! :) Today Mads and I are going to Lyngby to find him a Halloween costume (that dumbass [no offense honey, loveyou ♥]  didn't order it when he should have), and to buy more sand and other stuff for the lizards! The male, Akilles, who was crazy when we first got him, is now very curious and calm when we open the terrarium. :) I took the female, Athena - yes I got to name her that! out for a small "photo shoot"!

 Cute, isn't she? 

I'm sorry about the lizard-obsession these past few days/weeks. I will blog about other things too, promise! Tomorrow is our Halloween party - will blog about that! and the week after that we're going to Sweden! So I'll probably have lots to blog about when we get back! :)


みえーちゃん said...

she is really cute♥

Banny said...

I can tell you are very passionate about your new pets<3
I do not like reptiles but yours are actually cute :3

Tirin said...

Haha yes, I love them! I think they're beautiful :3