Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blenda October fashion

Right now I'm looking through the fashion magazine Blenda, and I fell in love with the pages about different styles with the same leopard blouse! Makes me love fall, but hate it here in Scandinavia because it gets too cold too fast! These styles are gorgeous! Model: Reiko Ide

And here are two super pretty styles for those of you who live in warmer countries and can actually wear shorts in fall without getting gangrene because of the cold... ENVY MAX!!!


Banny said...

These outfits are so cute although id wear tights under the shorts cause it is cold!

Tirin said...

Yeah but I really don't like the tights-under-shorts-look :/

나니 said...

I love tights under shorts btw! >: D But yeah.. my thighs are too fat for these looks. /le sigh