Sunday, October 9, 2011

Are you ready for the cutest thing ever???

Hello my dear readers! :3 Once again, I apologize for not having blogged in a week or so... But right now Mads is at muay thai practice, so I have time! hehehe 

Okay, so yesterday we went to this big pet shop called Zoo Zity, where they have all kinds of animals. I'll show you the cutest of them all, but first:
Mads with his new friend

And now, what you all have been waiting for (?), the cutest animal ever (besides baby hippos... or maybe they're even just as cute as baby hippos!); 
marmoset babies!
Isn't this the most adorable monkey ever?? They were soooo small, and they kept holding onto my finger, and licked it with their tiny tongues xD Omg, I died from COD (cuteness overdose). I'm so gonna get one/two in the future! They were only 7000 DK! I love them. Lovelove 
Btw, these aren't my photos.


Momentaufnahme said...

wooowooooah i didnt know that monkeys are already allowed as pets. how much euro is 7000dk?
i met a similar one when i was in thailand zoo park. it was in a cage and it came near me, so i could pet it.

Dudu said...

So cute =) Usually I dont like monkeys but I like that one ^^ Too bad they don`t have anything that exotic in our pet stores!

Tirin said...

Momentaufnahme: I didn't know either, because you're not allowed to have a monkey as a pet in Sweden! So I was a bit surprised xD and 7000 DK is about 940 euro - not expensive at all for a monkey! ^^

Dudu: Oh I think it's impossible NOT to find them cute! I totally want one! haha