Tuesday, October 18, 2011

After our Sweden trip, we're having a baby...

... chameleon!! 

That's right, we're buying a baby Yemen chameleon! haha We both want a pet, and right now we can't have a dog, so we decided to get a reptile, and more specifically a Yemen chameleon. We bought the terrarium yesterday (it's so big it has to stand on the floor), but of course it's not fully decorated yet. The little lizard needs a lot of branches and plants to climb (and of course an UV-lamp too).  So in about 3 weeks we will be 3 in this apartment! 

What does an animal like that look like?, you might wonder:



나니 said...

OMG D:< Their feet are so cute!

rousuke/ろうすけ said...

I love chameleons ;_; ♥ They are so damn cute!